Makeup Hacks For Beginners


Learning makeup requires a bit more than picking up one eyeshadow palette. The more you learn about makeup, the more you learn that there is so much to learn. It can get overwhelming, but don’t let it. Take your makeup journey one step at a time, and check out these need to know makeup hacks for beginners. 

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Makeup Tips For Beginners

You already know that you need to learn about skincare and your face shape, but there are quite a few other things that can help you create the flawless look that you want. Once you learn these, your makeup will instantly start to look better. 


Exfoliating your lips and skin will remove dead skin cells. When you don’t have dead skin cells, your makeup is less likely to flake off during your workday. 

Throw Away The Cheap Eyeshadow Applicator

The little eyeshadow applicators that come in eyeshadow pallets with two white nubs on the end are trash. However, this doesn’t apply to all applicators that come in eyeshadow pallets. My Anastasia Beverly Hills pallet came with a very nice eyeshadow brush for application. 

Always Check The Weather

There’s nothing worse than not having a weather app on your phone, perfecting your look, and then watching it get washed away thanks to a downpour. Instead, make sure you have waterproof makeup on if you have to be outside in the rain. 

Get The Perfect Pout With Lip Liner

Before applying your lipstick, apply your lip liner. Draw an X where your cupid’s bow is. Then, continue applying your lip liner. Next, apply your lipstick. Your lips will look flawless every single time. 

Foundation Before Concealer

For years, we thought you should apply concealer before foundation. Today, you shouldn’t. However, that old makeup tip is still floating around on the internet. 

Applying your foundation first will help your concealer brighten certain areas. The only time you apply concealer first is when you’re using it to cover areas. Most people refer to this as using concealer as a color corrector. Knowing how to apply makeup in the right order is pretty important. 

Blending Is Key

No harsh lines. Learn to blend. You can do this with a mid size fluffy brush. Larger fluffy brushes are usually used for blending face makeup. 

Draw Winged Eyeliner Shapes With A Pencil First

Cover FX

After you draw your wing with an eyeliner pencil, go over it with liquid liner. Finally, fill it in with the same liquid liner. This is easier to do, and mistakes that are made in pencil are easier to clean up. 

Apply Makeup In Good Lighting If You Can

Brighter lighting helps guarantee that you won’t miss spots. Most experts recommend that you check your makeup once you get in your car because the natural lighting makes it easier to see mistakes. If you apply your makeup in an area with exceptional lighting, you don’t have to worry about that. 

Smooth Out Eyeliner With A Q Tip

If your liquid liner looks a bit rough around the edge, grab a Q tip. Then, lick the tip and gently smooth out your liner. 

Pick Up A Magnifying Mirror

A magnifying mirror will help you apply your makeup flawlessly. Most of these also have a surrounding LED light so that you don’t need to double-check your makeup once you go outside. You also won’t have to adjust the lighting in your room just to apply your makeup. 

In Conclusion

Knowing makeup tips and tricks for beginners will help you learn the fine art of makeup application so that you can achieve any look that you want. For more tips and tricks, check out this article.

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