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Benefits Of Cream Eyeshadow (5 Reasons You Need At Least One)

Eyeshadow comes in quite a few different varieties, from your basic eyeshadow stick to pressed powder formulas and more. Cream eyeshadow is becoming increasingly popular, and there are quite a few great reasons you should pick some up. Check out the benefits of cream eyeshadow today. 

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What Is Cream Eyeshadow?

Cream eyeshadow is the perfect balance between powder and liquid eyeshadows. It has a thick consistency that resembles brow pomade. However, it is a bit creamier to make the application easy. Typically, you can find cream eyeshadow in every color from all of your favorite brands. It’s usually sold in a pot. 

Benefits Of Cream Eyeshadow

When you’re comparing cream eyeshadow vs. powder shadow, you’ll realize that there are a few reasons why powder eyeshadow simply isn’t the same as cream eyeshadow. 

Easy Application

To apply cream eyeshadow, you simply swipe the color across your eyelids. You can use a brush if you like, but it’s unnecessary. It can actually be a pain to get all of the cream eyeshadow out of your brushes. Instead, you can simply apply it with your fingers. 

Mistakes Are Simple To Wipe Away

When you make a mistake with cream eyeshadow, you can easily grab a wipe and start over. You won’t have to worry about smearing makeup all over your face before wiping it away. 

No Eyeshadow Fallout

Shimmer eyeshadow is notorious for its fallout. This happens both during application and after application, leaving some people to use reusable eye guards when they are perfecting their smokey eyes. There’s not a lot you can do throughout the day, though. You won’t have to worry about that with cream eyeshadow. 

Crease Free

Powder eyeshadow tends to nestle down in fine lines and wrinkles. If you have dry spots on your eyelids, your pressed pigments will find them. Cream eyeshadow does not do that. It also won’t crease as the day wears on. 

Perfect For A Quick Makeup Look

If you need a quick makeup look, invest in a cream eyeshadow. You can apply it in seconds. You don’t need a primer with cream eyeshadow, either. Instead, swipe it on with your fingers. Then, wipe off your hands and head out the door. 

Our Favorite Cream Eyeshadows

Smashbox Always On Cream Eyeshadow ($28)

Smashbox - Always On Cream Shadow

Smashbox Always On Cream Eyeshadow is available in shimmer and matte finishes to give you the look you want. It glides on seamlessly across the lids for a flawless finish that isn’t going to flake off as the day goes on. Pick your perfect shade from over ten available shades!


  • All-day wear
  • Seriously pigmented
  • Easy application with your fingers or a brush

Why You’ll Love It

  • Transfer-proof
  • Sweat and humidity-resistant
  • Vegan and cruelty-free
  • Lightweight, comfortable feel

Check it out here!

Julep Creme To Powder Shadow Stick ($18)

This cream-to-powder shadow stick is one of Julep’s best sellers, and for good reason. It glides smoothly like a cream eyeshadow but dries to a powder finish. You get all of the long-lasting, crease-free benefits you enjoy from a cream eyeshadow with the look of a powder eyeshadow.


  • Smoothes and brightens the eye area with Vitamin E
  • Crease-proof
  • Glides across eyelids like butter

Why You’ll Love It

  • Over 30 shades are available
  • Dries to a smooth, flawless finish
  • Pencil style makes application easy and not messy
  • Perfect for mornings on the go

Check it out here!

In Conclusion

Cream eyeshadow has a spot in everyone’s makeup collection. It’s not buildable or blendable like a powder eyeshadow is, but the benefits of cream eyeshadow make it well worth it. Check out this article to learn more eyeshadow tips! 

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