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Making a DIY vanity is a great way to organize your makeup, and hair stuff and give you the space that you need to create the perfect look. It instantly saves you time when it comes to your morning routine. On top of that, DIY vanities can be customized to be exactly what you both want and need. In this article, we’ll go over everything you need to know before making your DIY vanity and the best ideas on everything from vanities to seating and vanity lighting. 

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What To Consider When Designing A DIY Vanity

diy vanity

Before jumping at the first awesome idea that you see on Pinterest, you need to design your DIY vanity. At the very least, you need to have a visual of what you would like to create in your mind. As you come up with your own DIY vanity ideas, you’ll need to keep these things in mind. 


Before deciding on what will become your future vanity, you need a budget. You can find glass top desks for hundreds of dollars or thrift shop dressers for ten bucks. What your budget is will help you determine what type of DIY vanity idea is right for you. 

Space Available

Find a spot for your DIY vanity before you design your vanity. Do you want it to take up an entire wall, or would you rather have a small vanity in the corner? Determining how much space you have available for your future vanity will also play a role in which vanity option you choose. 

The Size Of Your Makeup Collection

How big your makeup collection is can also determine what you need in a vanity. If you have more eyeshadow palettes than Sephora, you’re going to need some shelves or vanity space to store them on. Carefully consider how much space you need for your makeup collection. Then, decide how you would like to organize your makeup on your vanity, or on your shelves. 

My DIY Vanity

floating shelves for vanity

I used to have a standard vanity with an adorable stool, but space was seriously limited. I needed something bigger and wanted something that suited my makeup collection. I couldn’t find a vanity large enough. Hence what started my DIY vanity journey. 

Floating Glass Shelves

First, I used floating glass shelves instead of a vanity table. I put two four-foot-long shelves side by side on the wall instead of one eight-foot shelf. The modern look of floating shelves coordinates perfectly with the rest of my house, and I was able to pick up additional floating shelves to store my lotions, etc., so my entire wall coordinates well together. 

Wall Mirror

There are vanity mirrors both online and in stores for purchase. I couldn’t find one that went with the glass shelves or that was affordable. I spent a few hundred dollars on the shelves alone, and I was trying to be budget-friendly. To create my own vanity mirror that coordinated well with my DIY vanity, I simply purchased a full-length mirror and turned it sideways on my wall. 

Using An Office Chair As A Vanity Chair

For my vanity, I wanted to be able to roll down the length of my vanity, which required a chair with wheels. Because of that, my vanity chair is actually an office chair. Office chairs are a great option to consider if you would like a chair that has wheels or an adjustable height. 

Vanity Ideas

cheap diy vanity

There are tons of DIY vanity ideas that you can use to create your own perfect DIY vanity. Floating desks and shelves are a great option. Using a standard desk will provide plenty of space for your makeup, and this option is typically cheaper than a vanity. (I originally considered a large L-shaped glass desk before deciding on floating glass shelves.) 

Cheap DIY Vanity Ideas

If you’re on a budget, there are a ton of cheap DIY vanity ideas that you can use to have a stylish vanity that won’t break the bank. 

If you already have an old desk or some floating shelves, consider repurposing them to create a vanity. Pick up some paint or wood stain to make wooden furniture and shelves look new again. 

Consider shopping at thrift stores to find a cheap desk or old vanity that you can clean up to make your own. Use wood stain, paint and contact paper to make an old vanity look brand new. 

Purchase a small office desk online to get a cheap vanity. You can find desks online at Walmart for under $50. After purchasing one, check out sales to find the ideal vanity chair. 

You can turn dressers into vanities, too. If you already have a dresser, that will make the perfect DIY vanity. You can add a cheap circular mirror to the top of it for makeup application. The drawers can be organized to hold all of your makeup, skincare, brushes, etc. Picking up some shelves to attach to the side will provide more storage space. 

Opt for a minimalist look in a Montessori-themed bedroom by using a wall mirror and a floor pillow. Bookshelves can be purchased to go on either side of the mirror to provide additional storage. 

Small Bedroom Vanity Ideas

If you have limited space, it’s important to keep that in mind. These small bedroom vanity ideas will help you find the perfect vanity to suit your bedroom. 

First, you want to consider using vertical storage ideas. Vertical storages are shelves and storage ideas that are typically on the wall to make sure that they do not take up valuable floor space. 

Floating shelves for additional storage are a must if you search for small bedroom ideas. You can use floating shelves to store anything that you cannot fit on your vanity. Not only do these save space, but they also keep all of your products within easy reach. 

Floating shelves are one of the most popular small bedroom DIY vanity ideas. Floating shelves for a vanity can be purchased in every size imaginable. Simply hang a mirror above the shelf or sit a circular makeup mirror on top of the shelf to complete your vanity. 

Small furniture is another great idea. Instead of a large, solid wood desk, opt for smaller items that take up less floor space. Make sure that you can slide your seating underneath your vanity to take up less space. 

Vanity Seating

wooden vanity

A vanity is simply not a vanity without the perfect vanity seating. You can use almost anything you would like as a vanity seat. Some vanities come with seating, but that doesn’t mean that those are your only options. 

What To Consider When Picking Out Vanity Seating

What type of seating you have for your DIY vanity will determine how much you love your vanity. If you spend hours doing glam makeup for Youtube tutorials, you’re going to need something comfortable. Likewise, if you just sit in the chair for a quick five-minute mom makeup routine, it doesn’t matter how comfortable the chair is because you barely use it. Keep these things in mind when picking out your vanity seating. 


Budget will play a role in your vanity seating just like it does in the rest of your DIY vanity. However, seating is generally going to be cheaper than the vanity is. You can find vanity benches and seats that are specifically created to have a glam look. On the other hand, you can also repurpose a kitchen chair and plop it in front of your floating shelf. 

Storage Options

If you need more storage because you have a small bedroom, opting for seating that is designed to have additional storage is ideal. Consider using storage ottomans and benches to guarantee that you have ample space to store extra makeup, accessories, and other things that are not used daily. I picked up a cheap storage bench for my daughter’s room from Walmart that would make a wonderful vanity bench!


The size of the chair is important. There are chairs available online that are more suited for someone that is the size of a child. Make sure that you read reviews and check the measurements on chairs before ordering one. 

Do You Need A Vanity Chair With Wheels?

If you need your chair to move so that you can reach products, it’s critical that you have a chair with wheels. However, if you have a small vanity or small space, a chair with wheels is simply not necessary. 

Does Your Vanity Seating Need To Have An Adjustable Height?

Depending on the height of your vanity, and yourself, you may need a chair with an adjustable height. I think it’s a great idea to order one so that you can rest assured that you are going to be able to see yourself in the mirror. 

Keep in mind that I’m 5’1” and did not consider that when picking the height of my vanity shelves, so it’s a must for me. Taller people might find that it’s not necessary. 

Types Of Vanity Seating

Now that you know what you’re looking for, it’s time to consider the various types of vanity seating available so that you can pick the perfect vanity chair to meet your needs. 

Bench Seating For Vanity

Bench seating for vanity is a wonderful option. If you need seating for a vanity for a small bedroom, consider picking up a storage bench. Benches come in various shapes and sizes, making it possible for you to find one that fits perfectly underneath your vanity. 

Vanity Chair With Wheels

A vanity chair with wheels can be ideal if you need to move in order to reach your products. There are not a lot of vanity chairs with wheels on the market, however. It can be easier to browse through products that are labeled as office chairs. 

Vanity Chair

Vanity chairs are designed to be stationary. Often they have a shorter back and have more comfortable seating than office chairs. You can find them in a variety of fabrics and colors. 

When picking out a vanity chair, it’s important to ensure that the color coordinates well with your vanity. 

Vanity Stool

For smaller vanities, consider a vanity stool. Some of these are round, but they also make small vanity stools that look like a bench. Most are more feminine and smaller than a standard chair. They are also more likely to be cheap when compared to other options.  

Makeup Vanity Lighting Ideas

lighted makeup mirror

Every vanity needs a little bit of extra light so that you can see how your smokey eye will look in natural light and get that cut crease perfect. Making sure that you consider these things will help you determine the perfect makeup vanity lighting for your vanity setup. 

What To Consider When Choosing Makeup Vanity Lighting

Several factors will go into choosing the lighting for your vanity. Decide on these things to make sure that you pick the perfect lighting the first time around. 


As always, budget is going to play a factor in which lighting you choose. If most of your budget has been spent on the vanity itself and a vanity chair, you need to find cheap vanity lighting options. However, if the lighting is more important to you, consider spending a larger chunk of your budget on the perfect lighting setup instead. 

Wall Space Available

Certain vanity lights will go on your wall. If there is limited wall space available due to using the vertical storage options for makeup products, another form of lighting will be best for your particular vanity setup. 

Vanity Space Available

Vanity space will be a factor if you would like a light-up makeup mirror that sits on top of your vanity. Magnifying mirrors are wonderful to have, so this is definitely worth considering. 

Location Of The Nearest Outlet

There are chargeable vanity lights as well as ones that plug into the wall. Ones that plug into the wall are typically a bit more cost-effective. Check if you have an outlet near your vanity to determine if these lights are an option for you. 

Types Of Vanity Lights

There are so many wonderful options when it comes to lighting for your vanity. Take your time and explore each of them to make your dream vanity a reality. 

Lighted Makeup Mirror

Lighted makeup mirrors are ideal for vanity lighting. You can purchase makeup mirrors that hang on the wall for your vanity, as well as magnifying makeup mirrors that sit on top of your vanity. I personally have a Hibella smart sensor mirror with LED lights. It has eliminated the need for me to have additional vanity lighting.

Plug In Vanity Lights

Plug-in vanity lights are an option as well. They aren’t aesthetically appealing for vanities that include floating shelves because you have a cord running down the wall. However, they do offer key benefits. You’ll never have to bother recharging them, and they provide the same brightness that classic Hollywood lights do. 

Other Vanity Light Options

There are also several other lighting options you can choose from. Large round lights that stick to the wall and are powered by batteries are a great option. Installing lighting with a light switch is a wonderful idea for homeowners. Picking up a brighter lamp to illuminate the entire area is an affordable and effective solution that requires almost no effort. Regardless of what you’re looking for in vanity lighting, one of these options will work for you. 

In Conclusion

Making your own DIY vanity requires a bit of thought and planning. However, these awesome solutions are going to help you craft the perfect vanity for your space. 

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