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Using Concealer Without Foundation

There are no rules to makeup, meaning you can throw anything you want out of the basic routine. This includes something like a foundation. You can easily apply everything from concealer to highlighter without foundation, but should you? Learn everything about using concealer without foundation before trying it. 

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How To Use Concealer Without Foundation

To use concealer without foundation, you simply omit foundation from your makeup routine. Then, you make sure that you follow these tips for a flawless makeup look that you’re going to love. 

Make Sure You Use Primer

Your makeup still needs a smooth canvas to help it last all day. That’s why primer is important. If you’re not wearing foundation, you need to make sure that you have a good primer on hand. This will give your makeup the base that it needs, and you’ll be fine without foundation. 

Your Concealer Should Match Your Skin Tone

If it’s a shade or two lighter than your skin, you’ll look blotchy. If it’s too dark, it will stand out just as badly as it will if it’s too light. Instead, you want a concealer that looks like it’s not there after you’re done blending. 

Avoid Full Coverage Concealer

Full coverage concealer will not look well next to bare skin. The two will look unnatural. Instead, opt for a concealer that offers sheer or medium coverage to keep the natural look. 

Try Using Your Finger

When you apply makeup with your finger, the warmth helps it blend effortlessly into the skin. You’ll notice that there is less product sitting on top of your skin. It will make the concealer look more natural, which is what you want if you’re wearing spots of concealer without foundation. 

Make Sure To Wet Your Beauty Blender

If you insist on using a beauty blender, ensure it’s damp before using it. This helps make your concealer look more like your skin than blending with a brush. Brushes have their place in makeup, but they aren’t always the right tool for the job. 

In Conclusion

Spot correcting with concealer and not wearing foundation is a pretty popular idea. This is especially true if you just need to cover a blemish but don’t want to wear a full face of makeup. These tips will help your concealer look flawless. For more concealer tips, check out this article.

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