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Diamond infused skincare took the skincare world by storm when it was first released. Expensive diamond facials are readily available at spas, and diamond infused skincare can be found in luxurious skincare companies, such as 111skin. What is diamond infused skincare, though?

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What Is Diamond Skincare?

Diamond infused skincare is skincare that has diamonds in it. The diamonds are crushed down into fine natural diamond powder or extremely small diamonds. Hence the name diamond infused skincare. 

Diamond skincare is available over the counter and via professional treatments. Forever Flawless products are popular over-the-counter products, as are 111Skin products. They offer everything from diamond infused eye serum to black diamond moisturizer. 

Professional treatments are a great alternative medicine to treat dark spots or provide deep hydration. Diamond facial treatments are popular and were trendy years ago. You can also opt for treatments like a diamond dermal infusion and more. 

In ancient times diamonds were considered the gemstone of Venus, the goddess of love and beauty. Precious minerals and gemstones have long been touted for their many benefits to the human body. Diamonds were also considered a symbol of purity. 

Should you include them in your skincare routine?

What Is Natural Diamond Powder In Skincare?

Most skincare experts recommend picking up natural diamond powder products instead of diamonds. Diamond powder is ground up more finely to ensure you get the maximum benefits from diamond infused skincare. 

Diamonds and real diamond powder help to open the pores, making it easier for your skin to absorb essential nutrients from other skincare products. That’s why many diamond infused skincare products offer other benefits and have other star ingredients. 

There are quite a few ways that diamond infused skincare can help out your complexion, aside from opening your pores. They’re lovely for skin health. 

Benefits Of Diamond Skincare

Diamond skin care can provide several skin health benefits, especially for aging skin. When you opt for diamond infused products, you’ll notice several positive differences in your skin. 

Improved Complexion

Diamonds are best known for their exfoliating properties. Exfoliating your skin with diamonds or diamond powder helps eliminate dirt and bacteria while providing a smooth path for other skincare ingredients to keep your skin healthy. 

Glowing Skin With Natural-Looking Radiance

Because diamonds work hard to exfoliate your skin, you’ll have radiant, glowing skin after using diamond infused products. That’s because exfoliating your skin removes dead skin cells that dull the natural shine of your skin. This is a common problem in people that have dry skin. 

Minimizes The Appearance Of Fine Lines And Wrinkles

The type of diamond used matters. According to this article, black diamonds help transform UV rays into blue light. This then covers the skin in blue light, helping to minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Unfortunately, there has only been a small study done to prove this. That doesn’t make it less fascinating, though. 

Another way that beauty products with diamonds help minimize fine lines and wrinkles is by giving you more elastic skin. 

Increases Skin Elasticity

As you remove dead skin cells and exfoliate your face, you’ll find that it becomes more elastic. Once you improve your skin’s elasticity, you’ll notice a drastic decrease in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. This is a great way to reduce the visible signs of aging!

Removes Or Decreases The Appearance Of Scars And Age Spots

Exfoliating your skin slowly sloughs away at the outer layer of the skin. This outer layer is where age spots and scars are. With regular exfoliation, you’ll notice that scars, age spots, and even freckles slowly get lighter. It helps reverse the appearance of sun damage. 

Is It A Luxurious Lie?

You can’t help but notice that diamond skincare has the same effect on the skin as regular exfoliation, except for black diamonds, which help to prevent aging. There aren’t any scientific studies supporting the claims that diamond skincare is more effective than other skincare products that act as an exfoliating agent. 

Yes, gemstone-infused skincare does help your skin absorb the ingredients in your skincare products more effectively, but so will another exfoliating agent. It’s not necessarily a lie, though. You simply can’t beat the luxury of diamond-infused skincare.

Our Recommendations

Forever Flawless Diamond Infused Facial Peeling Gel ($73.95)

Forever Flawless Diamond Infused Facial Peeling Gel is specially formulated to provide gentle exfoliation suitable for all skin types. However, it’s powerful enough to reveal glowing, smooth skin. The new and improved formula is packed with 100% natural, fine diamond powder, botanicals, vitamins and antioxidants to deliver a powerhouse of good-for-your-skin ingredients to restore, replenish, and protect your skin. 

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Korean Sheet Mask- Pack Of 10 ($24.80)

These Korean sheet masks are free from both parabens and formaldehyde. Instead, they’re infused with ingredients that help you achieve youthful, glass-like skin. Diamond powder delivers the luxurious benefits of diamonds, while collagen encourages plump, younger-looking skin. A potent blend of botanical ingredients pumps your skin full of vitamins and nutrients to nourish and protect your skin. 

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Other Amazing Diamond Skincare Products

While the two products listed above are impressive, they’re far from the only diamond-infused skincare products on the market. The world of diamond skincare offers cleansers, tools for DIY diamond microdermabrasion, and more! These are some of the more noteworthy diamond skincare products you will love!

Forever Flawless Best Facial Cleanser ($58)

Microderm GLO Premium Skincare Bundle Includes Diamond Microdermabrasion System, 10mm Filters 100 pack, Peptide Complex Serum. Pore Vacuum Promotes Collagen Production for Tone, Bright & Clear Skin ($229)

Bee Stunning DIAMONDBUFF Microderm Exfoliation Tool ($60)

Microderm GLO Diamond Microdermabrasion Machine and Suction Tool ($199)

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