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What Is Blush In Makeup?

Blush is a makeup product that is applied to the cheeks to add warmth to your face. It comes in various pink and red shades to help you get the perfect amount of warmth. 

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Blush Vs. Bronzer

Although blush and bronzer are usually placed in the same face area, they have two different purposes. 

Bronzer is meant to make you appear tanner. It’s often found in shades of brown to give you the perfect sunkissed glow. You can apply it to the cheekbones, the jawline, and your forehead. Most people recommend applying bronzer in the shape of a three on the face to make sure that you get all of the places the sun would naturally touch. These are known as the high points on your face.

Blush, on the other hand, is meant to add more warmth and color to your face. This isn’t necessarily a tan look. You’ll find blushers available in pink and red tones. Sometimes they will have a purple undertone, but that is typically the most colorful variation you’ll find. 

Both blush and bronzer are applied to the cheekbone. Bronzer is applied to the high point of the cheekbone towards the outer portion of your face. Blush is applied to the apples of your cheeks. The same brush is used to apply them both. 

Can You Wear Blush To A Wedding

We’ve all heard the term blushing bride. Brides ensure that they have rosy cheeks to coordinate perfectly with the term. That alone can make you wonder if it’s considered tacky to wear blush to a wedding. 

You’re not going to get dirty looks for dotting a little bit of color onto your cheeks. However, you should make sure that you use light application techniques. Avoid wearing the color white to weddings. The combination of white and adding blush to your cheeks can be slightly offensive. 

Is Blush Necessary For Makeup

No, it is not. However, if you’re wearing a foundation that gives your skin a uniform tone, it’s worth considering. Products like highlighter, blush, and bronzer can add more color to your face. They can add more dimension to your face, just like contouring does, too. 

In Conclusion

Blush in makeup is used to make your cheeks look nice and rosey. It adds a perky touch of warm color to an otherwise colorless face. It’s not necessary, but using a highlighter, bronzer, or blush on your face can definitely give your face more depth. If you plan on wearing blush, make sure you use these blush application tips! 

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