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Blush Application Tips

When you apply blush, it’s important to apply it correctly, pick the right products, and know when to apply it. These blush application tips will instantly make it look like your makeup was professionally done. 

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Blush After Bronzer

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In most cases, you want to apply your bronzer first. The only exception to this rule is when you are using a cream blush with a powder bronzer. If that’s the case, apply your blush first for a flawless look. This is one of the most important blush application tips to remember. 

Use Powder Blush For Dry Skin

Most people assume that a cheek tint or cream formula will be ideal for dry skin. These are typically packed with moisturizing properties. However, that’s not always the case. Cream blushes can crack when they get too dry, and people with dry skin don’t produce enough oil to prevent that from happening. Instead, stick with a powder blush. 

Pick Up A Good Fluffy Brush

A fluffy brush with a rounded tip is ideal for applying blush. These don’t pick up too much powder and aren’t dense. Using a brush that is too dense will put too much powder in certain places and not look natural. 


After applying blush, you need to blend it well. Then, blend it some more. You want to make sure that there are no harsh lines on your face. Instead, it should have a natural pop of color. If you don’t blend it well, you can wind up looking like you’re wearing clown makeup. 

Sometimes, You Need To Skip The Shimmers

Shimmer blush formulas are wonderful. They give you the perfect amount of color with a luminous glow. However, there are certain times that you’re going to need a matte formula instead. (Hence why you need so many makeup products organized into your collection.)

If you have dry or textured skin, shimmer blush products can actually highlight that aspect of your face. You’ll notice that your skin looks more textured than it did before. If you’re prone to having dry skin in the winter, opt for matte products.

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