Cool Crafts With Old Eyeshadow

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Do you have any old eyeshadows at home? Please don’t throw them away; they aren’t useless. As makeup trends keep changing, girls love to replace their old eyeshadow palettes with new ones. When it comes to your old eyeshadow, learn about cool crafts with old eyeshadow instead of tossing them out.

Everyone’s reluctant to use expired or reused eyeshadows. Ideally, it’s recommended to skip applying them on your skin because they can react badly and cause allergic reactions. Further, it could cause redness and irritation.

But after spending hundreds of pounds on a palette, none of us wish to throw it away. That’s a sheer waste of money because most palettes will go to waste if you don’t apply makeup too often.

Today, I’ll tell you about some cool crafts created from your old treasure box. Stay tuned because this is going to be fun!

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Painting With Eyeshadow

You can paint with your eyeshadows. Though it depends on the texture as well, there are types of eyeshadows that would blend perfectly with a paintbrush. Old eyeshadows can save the day if you’re running short of paint or looking for light strokes with a not-so-apparent color. Powdered eyeshadows work as perfect paints. You can use glue for the right consistency and mix it with the eyeshadow. Find some old glittery eyeshadows, mix them with glue, and add some shimmer to the painting.

How To Make Watercolor Paint With Old Eyeshadow

Eyeshadows don’t contain any sticking pigment, so add a binder. Add enough gum or glue to the eyeshadow and mix until a paste is formed. Make sure the paste is thick enough, or you won’t be able to paint.

It’s best to place the eyeshadow on a paper, plain plastic sheet or, in the best case, order a glass palette from amazon and do the mixing. It’s like creating your palette like artists! Avoid glittery, metal-based eyeshadows and stick to pigmented ones, so your paint looks manageable and thick.

  • Scrape eyeshadow from the palette and place it on your glass palette with the help of a scraper or use a fork. Try crushing it down; it’s satisfying!
  • Chop the eyeshadow into fine pieces.
  • Add watercolor binder to the powdered eyeshadow and mix both.
  • Mull it correctly to get a paint-like texture that is smooth and without any fine particles
  • Make sure the paint is smooth. Don’t add too much binder.

Use It As Coloring For Candles

DIY is fun, but they are only sometimes workable. Many blogs recommend coloring candles with eyeshadows, but let me tell you. It’s all bogus. That’s against chemistry!

Candles are made of wax. Eyeshadows are pigmented and made of materials that don’t dissolve or blend in with wax. Even if you create paint out of eyeshadow, it won’t stay on the candle and may clog the wick. Instead, you can use liquid and powder dyes to color the candles.

DIY Nail Polish With Eyeshadow

Get creative with nail art. You can create a DIY nail polish with eyeshadow within minutes. It might get messy, but you’ll learn with time. Start by applying a base coat on your nails. Place the eyeshadow, especially glittery ones, on a clean surface and mix it with the basecoat. Mix them well until it’s smooth with adequate consistency. Apply on fingernails just like regular nail paint. Allow time to dry in between. Once it dries, apply another coat of nail paint to lock it well. Add cuticle oil to keep it from chipping.

Lip Tints

Scrape your favorite color, eyeshadow, blue, yellow, purple, or golden, on a plain glass or container. You can create a lip tint or lipstick by adding vaseline to the finely crushed eyeshadow. Make sure you’ve mixed it well.

You can put some vaseline on your lips. Take some eyeshadow on your finger and directly apply it to your lips. It needs to be applied slowly; otherwise, the final results look great. So, if you wanna try a cool color lip tint, eyeshadow lipstick is always there to save the day.

Make A Tinted Moisturizer

Tinted moisturizers add a smooth, supple texture to your skin and a hint of color to your face. Whether you’re out on makeup or not, some red or pink shade looks pretty, especially on the cheeks. Scrap your favorite eyeshadow in pastel shades and add it to a container. Pour some moisturizer and mix it well. Add only a little eyeshadow. Apply tinted moisturizer on the face to enhance your features.

Add Pretty Color To Homemade Soap

Soaps come in pretty colors, but how about the ones made at home? It’s not a need but a fun activity that could be carried out with kids. While making homemade soaps, add crushed eyeshadow powder and mix it well. Children love doing this craft, and you’ll notice activities like these enhance their creativity skills. Eyeshadows act as a brilliant shimmer that can be used in soaps; hence don’t worry about the negative impacts because it’s entirely safe for use.

Ink The Edges

Got some dye cuts? You can ink the edges using eyeshadow. It’s a stress-relieving activity with lots of creativity and fun. Take the dye cut and press it to the dry glue pad. Take a regular makeup brush and put some eyeshadow on it. Apply onto the dye cut.

Old Eyeshadows Go Great With Slime

Scrape all of your old eyeshadow in a container and prepare for a stress-relieving activity. You can also add old and expired lip gloss and lip tints. Add the ingredients for slime, and let the fun begin!

Hair Dye

You can’t possibly dye your hair black with eyeshadows, but you can use it to cover some grey patches when running short of time. A small dap here and there would do you good.

As An Eyeliner

Crush the eyeshadow and add some baby oil to it. Mix it, and once you get a gel-like consistency, congratulations because you’ve got a nice eyeliner made at home.

If you don’t want an oil-based eyeliner, spray your eyeliner brush with setting spray instead. Then, dip the brush in your eyeshadow and apply it as you would eyeliner. 


Do eyeshadows expire?

Eyeshadows don’t expire too soon. Most have a shelf life of at least 3 years or more. However, cream eyeshadows containing any oil or preservative have a shorter shelf life and must be replaced asap. Check the back of the packaging to figure out how long you have before your eyeshadow expires. 

Are eyeshadows harmful?

No, until and unless you’ve exposed your eyeshadow pallet to moisture, bacteria, or dry air. These conditions can worsen the condition of makeup products.

How can I tell my eyeshadow has expired?

Usually, it’s mentioned on the palette, but if not, it’s hard to tell if the eyeshadow has expired. You need to look out for foul smells and mold growth. If it irritates your skin, throw it away immediately.

In Conclusion

After reading this article, you won’t throw away expired or old eyeshadows in vain. There are multiple ways to use them. Even if it seems useless, you can create and craft and have some fun without the dilemma of wasting money. Just make sure you don’t inhale it or use eyeshadows in food. It’s best if toddlers don’t indulge in these activities. 

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