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I have tons of products adorning my vanity. You can find lip plumper, foundations, concealers, shadow sticks, eyeshadow palettes, brow products, and much more. However, certain products will always be my go-to option to throw in a makeup bag. These are makeup products you can use quickly that will instantly help you look put together. 

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Brow Gel

Brow gel is the guaranteed way to instantly make your brows appear perfectly manicured. Instead of spending more time on eyebrow pomade, simply swipe a spoolie through your brows. Then, swipe on eyebrow gel to keep every hair in place. It has a place in every mom makeup routine and in your makeup bag. 

Under Eye CC Cream

CC cream means that it has a color corrector in it. These creams are ideal for covering up dark circles under the eyes. 

Make sure that you get a CC cream to address the needs that you want. These will have different underlying hues to address specific needs. One that is designed to hide dark circles is not going to work on blemishes. 

BB Cream

BB cream can be used in a pinch when you don’t have time for a full makeup routine. Simply wipe it across your face for an even skin texture and the appearance of an even skin tone. BB cream will not work as well to hide things as CC cream will, but it’s better than nothing. 

To guarantee that you don’t spend as much time on your mom makeup routine, opt for a BB cream that is also a primer and tinted moisturizer. This will help prime your skin and works like sheer foundation does to casually even out your skin tone. 

Eyeshadow Stick

An eyeshadow stick is a perfect makeup product for a quick and easy mom makeup routine. You do not need tools. Instead, you can easily blend these cream formulas with your fingers. 

To use an eyeshadow stick, color across your eyelids as if you were coloring on them with a crayon. Then, carefully blend in color. 

Nude Eyeliner

Putting nude eyeliner on your lower lid or on the corner of your eyes is the perfect way to instantly make yourself appear more awake. White eyeliner does the same trick. Throw a pencil eyeliner in your makeup bag to always look like you got plenty of sleep. 


Primer is the key to your makeup lasting all day. It can be tempting to skip this step in a rush, but don’t. Instead, minimize the time that you spend on other parts of your routine to make sure that you have plenty of time to use primer on your face and eyelids. Make sure that you pick up a good primer so that you don’t have to re-apply your makeup five hours later. 

Setting Spray

Everyone needs setting spray. Pick up a setting spray that you know is going to work, and always have it in your makeup bag. There’s nothing wrong with using different setting sprays, but you always need one that you can use anytime, and for any event. 

A Multi-Purpose Lip Mask

A lip mask is ideal during the cold, winter months. These have ultra-hydrating properties to both prevent and heal chapped lips. You want one that also doubles as a lip gloss. These help your lips heal, give you a touch of color, and they are not sticky like other lip glosses. They take seconds to apply, making them perfect for a mom makeup bag. 

Must Haves

We all have makeup must-haves. These are the products that you simply cannot go a day without wearing. For example, some people don’t go a day without wearing eyeliner. Whatever your must-have makeup product is, make sure that you have it in your makeup bag. 

In Conclusion

You want to make sure that you have the basics you’re going to need in your mom makeup bag. Consider trying multi-purpose products, like a BB cream that is also a tinted moisturizer and primer, to minimize the amount of time that you spend on your makeup every day. Check out this article to learn more about how to create your perfect skincare routine! 

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