Gerard Cosmetics Eternal Eyeliner

Gerard cosmetics eternal eyeliner

Gerard Cosmetics Eternal Eyeliner is supposed to be the eyeliner of all eyeliners. It’s jet black, waterproof, smudge proof, etc. Make sure that you read this before purchasing it.

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Gerard Cosmetics Eternal Eyeliner Pros Vs. Cons

gerard cosmetics eternal eyeliner


Jet Black

This eyeliner is not a muted black like other eyeliners that claim to be black. Instead, you’ll get a jet black eyeliner that is truly a pigmented liner.


Not only is this liquid liner the perfect jet black to pull off amazing winged eyeliner, but it’s also waterproof. A tiny sprinkle of rain isn’t going to ruin your awesome eyeliner. If you’re searching for waterproof makeup products, this black liner deserves a place on your shopping list.

Smudge Proof

I’ve tried one liquid eyeliner after another that claims to be smudge proof only to have them smear in the midst of a heat wave or simply smudge due to the company making false claims. That isn’t the case with this black eyeliner. When Gerard Cosmetics said it was smudge proof, they meant that it was truly smudge proof. It’s a great choice if you have hooded eyelids!

Works On Oily Eyelids

If you have oily eyelids, you know what it’s like to have your winged eyeliner fade away by mid-day, but that isn’t the case with this waterproof eyeliner. Instead, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to look in the mirror and discover that your eyeliner will last all day.

Precise Application Tip

Gerard Cosmetics

This awesome eyeliner has a precise tip like that of a pen type eyeliner. It allows for easy application that you don’t normally see with these types of eyeliners. Make small lines along your lower lid or larger strokes for a large wing.

Perfect Finish

This perfect product comes with the perfect finish. As you apply it with the liner brush, you’ll notice that it isn’t an ultra-glossy product, but it’s also not too matte. Instead, Gerard Cosmetics has discovered the sweet spot in the middle for the ideal finish.

Long Lasting Liner

Gerard Cosmetics’ Eternal Liner was meant to last all day. After applying your perfect lines on your upper and lower lid, you can say goodbye to eyelid lines. As soon as this product dries, it will easily last twelve hours, at least. I accidentally fell asleep with it one day, so that means that it lasted sixteen hours.

Smells Nice

Gerard Cosmetics eyeliner has a nice smell to it. While this isn’t a requirement for buying a product, it’s a nice little touch that you can’t help but notice.

Fast Drying Time

Gerard Cosmetics Eternal Eyeliner dries in under one minute. This makes it a great product for anyone that needs eyeliner for hooded eyes.

Gerard Cosmetics Holy Grail

Gerard Cosmetics eyeliner noir

Every brand seems to have a holy grail product, and this is it for Gerard Cosmetics. The ultra-precise tip and waterproof formula combined with it working well with every skin type make this a makeup essential for everyone that loves a great winged eyeliner look or moms that need their makeup to last. Not only did it last over twelve hours on my lids, but it was also easy to wipe off. My makeup remover wipes took off this waterproof eyeliner with zero problems.


Fast Drying Time

While a fast drying time can be a good thing, it can be too much of a good thing. You must work fast to perfect your sharp wings due to the quick dry time.

Tends To Flake If You Apply Too Much

It makes sense that if your liner dries too quickly, you can just go over your liner again to make the ideal wing, but this doesn’t turn out well. If you put on more than one layer of this liner, you risk it seriously flaking.

Not Ideal For Beginners

The precision tip is flexible, making it perfect for that quick flick that you want for a flawless wing. However, this can make it more difficult for beginners to use this eyeliner. It’s not very forgiving.


Is Gerard Cosmetics gluten free?

Gerard Cosmetics does offer gluten free lipstick, but they are not a completely gluten free brand. Make sure to carefully read product descriptions and ingredient lists to determine which products do not have gluten containing ingredients.

Is Gerard Cosmetics cruelty free?

Gerard Cosmetics Black Eyeliner

Yes, Gerard Cosmetics is cruelty free. They are proud to make their products in the USA, and they do not test their ingredients or products on animals. You can read their cruelty free commitment on their website.

Where is Gerard Cosmetics sold?

You can find Gerard Cosmetics on the Gerard Cosmetics website or on Amazon. If you prefer shopping online, check out the latest Gerard Cosmetics at Target.

Should You Buy Gerard Cosmetics Eternal Eyeliner?

Gerard Cosmetics Eternal Eyeliner is a great idea if you love winged eyeliner, liquid eyeliner, and have a little bit of experience wearing liquid eyeliner.

If you’re new to eyeliner, consider getting started with an eyeliner pencil like this one!

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