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Summer Makeup Trends

Now that summer’s finally here, it’s time to have some fun with the best summer makeup trends of the year! There are some that are going to come and go, and some that we see every year when the temperatures start to rise. Match your makeup game with the energy of summer with these awesome summer makeup trends.

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Dewy Skin

Dewy skin is always in, but this is especially true when it comes to summer. If you’re not outside getting a natural luminous finish thanks to sweat, pick up some setting spray with a dewy finish like this one from Morphe.

Bright Colors

Makeup colors that add the perfect pop of color are always a hit when summer rolls around! Learn how to make the perfect sunset eyeshadow with hot pink and purple, or opt for gorgeous yellow eye color. You simply can’t go wrong with vibrant colors this summer!

Colorful Eyeliner

This eyeliner trend popped up on the scene a few years ago, and it’s not going anywhere! Now that summer is here, expect this makeup trend to include brighter colors. Bold colors of bright blue and dazzling pink will replace the small bit of color that we saw last Spring.

Summer Makeup Trends Are Full Of Vivid Color Combinations

Everything about summer screams more energy and fun, and this makeup trend is going to match the summer vibe perfectly. Instead of classic combinations that involve one bright color or pops of color, expect to see vivid combinations this year. Pair teal with purple instead of metallic shades.

Bright Lip Colors

You won’t just see daring eyeshadow palettes this year. The sheer color of Spring is out, and the bright pops of color for summer are in. Get on board with this makeup trend by learning some simple lipstick art or enjoying some bright purple lips!

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Natural Beauty

Natural beauty never seems to go out of style, especially since these makeup tricks and tips work so well if you’re fair skinned. Instead of a bold eyeshadow shade, opt for nude shades. Put a light dusting of color along your brow bone, and stay away from bold brows. Give yourself a light dusting of bronzer for a golden glow, and finish the look with some clear lip gloss!

Neon Eyeliner

Neon shades of eyeliner are a huge hit this summer! Pick up your favorite vibrant shades and settle down for a fun Saturday afternoon of learning how to do graphic eyeliner to make every head turn when you walk through the doorway.

Flushed Cheeks

This summer makeup trend involves using the hottest colors to give your cheeks a flushed appearance instead of a sun kissed glow. It’s time to put down the bronzer and pick up the blush on occasion!

However, you need to be careful with summer trends like this. Bright eyeshadow is also in this year, but once you pair flushed cheeks with bold eyeshadow you run the risk of looking like you’re wearing too much makeup. Instead of looking like a clown, pair this trend with some brown shadow instead of a bold shadow.

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