Beauty For Real Golden Hour Eyeshadow Palette Review

beauty for real golden hour

Beauty For Real is a brand that has made waves with its highly pigmented eyeshadows, creamy shadow stix, and much more. Every new palette that is released is instantly purchased by fans, but is this one worth it? Find out in this Beauty For Real Golden Hour Eyeshadow Palette review before buying it!

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Beauty For Real Golden Hour Eyeshadow Palette Swatches

Golden Hour Eyeshadow Palette Pros Vs. Cons

beauty for real golden hour review


Beautiful Colors

The Mango Butter palette features the perfect combination of velvety mattes and gorgeous shimmers to create a sultry, sun-kissed look that is guaranteed to turn heads. Make your eyes pop with turquoise or go glam with the pigmented shades of shimmer eyeshadow. 

So Many Color Combos

All of these alluring shades were included in this palette to create stunning color combinations. They complement each other perfectly, from the 24-K color to the beautiful turquoise. Go with natural tones, create a pop of color or save this palette for glam days!

Pigmented Eyeshadow

Beauty For Real shadows help you instantly add a punch of color, and you don’t have to add one layer after another to make that happen. One swipe of the turquoise color across your lid is instantly going to make your eyes pop. A subtle hint of the yellow gold color will make your eyes sparkle in under one minute. 


You don’t have to build up the eyeshadow in the palette to get serious pigment, but you can if you want to create one of a kind looks! Have some fun, play with the colors, and build one pigment on top of another to create custom looks.


Not only can you layer this eyeshadow, but you can also easily blend it. There’s nothing worse than getting a new palette to realize that you just can’t seem to get rid of those harsh lines. You won’t have to worry about that with this pressed pigment palette. 

Staying Power

When it comes to pressed pigment, it’s always up in the air as to whether it’s going to fade away by mid-day or last all day long. With this palette, you can trust that your pigment isn’t going to fade away. Increase your staying power with primer and setting spray, though!

There Isn’t A Lot Of Fallout

Shimmer shades seem to be known for fallout, but there’s not a lot, if any, with these pressed pigments thanks to the mango seed extract used. Instead, they glide on like butter for a creamy look that doesn’t involve glitter all over your face. 


This creamy formula is safe for those that live a vegan lifestyle. No animal products or by-products are used when making this pretty palette. 


Not only does this palette not use products from animals, but it also doesn’t involve any testing on animals. 


No Eyeshadow Brush Included

It seems like most brands, like Anastasia Beverly Hills, are offering a relatively decent shadow brush with the palette. You don’t get that with Beauty For Real. While it doesn’t mean the product isn’t worth it, it was a little disappointing. 


Is Beauty For Real cruelty free?

Yes they are! You’ll see the adorable bunny logo with their products, showing that they do not test their products or ingredients on animals. This also means that they do not sell their products where animal testing is required by law. 

Does Beauty For Real test on animals?

No, they do not. Beauty For Real is a cruelty-free brand, meaning that no animals are harmed, or tested on. This palette is also vegan-friendly, so you can trust that they didn’t use any by-products of animals. 

Where is Beauty For Real sold?

You can find Beauty For Real products on their website as well as on These products are also sold in various spas and salons, so keep your eyes peeled! 

In Conclusion

beauty for real swatches

Beauty For Real is a brand that continues to make waves in the beauty industry. The formulas used in their products are a true game changer! 

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