How To Make Eyes Look Bigger

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Big eyes are beautiful! Those of us with small eyes don’t want to do anything that can make our eyes look smaller, so we usually stick with tips that help make our eyes look bigger. Bigger eyes can also make you look younger! This blog will tell you everything you need to know to learn how to make your eyes look bigger both with and without makeup. 

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Cover Dark Circles

Eyes that are surrounded by dark colors tend to look smaller. That includes the dark circles that are underneath your eyes. Pick up some concealer to keep them covered and make your eyes look bigger. Grab a few eye creams to prevent dark circles in the future, too. 

Use White Eyeliner

Makeup artists often use this trick to help make the eyes look bigger. Instead of deep brown shades, use white eyeliner for bigger eyes and a trendy eyeliner look. 

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Only Line The Upper Lash

Instead of lining the entire eye with black liner, only use it on the upper lid. This can help add definition to the eye without making it look smaller. 

Pick Up Some Nude Eyeliner

Instead of black, brown, or white, enjoy the subtle look of nude eyeliner. You can use this color on your upper and lower lid, or just line your bottom lid with it! Don’t have any? Use beige eyeshadow as an eyeliner instead! 

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Highlight Your Brow Bone

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Use concealer or highlighter along your brow bone! This simple trick will make your brows more defined and pop your eyes!

Break Out The Lash Curler

Lashes that hang down tend to make the eyes look smaller. This is particularly true for those with small eye shapes like almond eyes. Curl your lashes upwards to help make your eyes look more prominent. 

Wear Shadow Lighter Than Your Skin Tone

Eye makeup darker than your skin tone will make your eyes appear smaller. Instead, do the opposite and make sure to wear a lighter shade. If you’re fair-skinned, try neutral shades like shimmery champagne. 

Use A Light Colored Eyebrow Pencil

Using a black brow pencil will have the same effect that lining the eyes with black eyeliner will: make the eyes look smaller. Instead, makeup around the eye should be light to make your eyes look bigger. 

Thin Lines Work Best For Small Eyes

Thick lines of liquid liner can instantly make eyes appear smaller. Pick up a micro liner to make delicate lines across the lids that don’t overpower your eyes. This is important if you’re using dark eyeliner!

Use A Light Color In The Corners Of The Eyes

After applying eyeshadow, use a lighter color of shadow and/or liquid eyeliner in the corner of your eyes to instantly enjoy a brightening effect!

To double the impact, use a highlighter or concealer in the corner of your eyes too! Make sure you apply a light color underneath dark eyeliner for a flawless look! 

Use A Dark Color In Your Crease

Using a dark color in your crease adds more definition and depth to your eyes, instantly making them appear bigger and brighter!

To use this trick, use a color just 1-2 shades darker than the shade used on your eyelid. It won’t be too dark, but it will have the impact you want. Instead of a fluffy brush, use a tapered brush that helps control where the eyeshadow is blended and blends upwards. 

Decrease Puffiness 

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Bags underneath your eyes are bound to make them look smaller! Sometimes, you can’t help it if you are up all night. An excellent home remedy is to toss two spoons into the freezer and then wait five minutes. Then, put them on your eyes for 5-10 minutes. 

For a long-term solution, pick up some eye cream that works to combat puffy eyes around the clock. 

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Don’t Skimp On Skincare

Everything starts with skincare, including making your eyes look bigger! Use products that are designed to hydrate and de-puff your undereye area. Under-eye CC cream is great for covering up dark circles! Make sure that you don’t forget your nighttime skincare routine, either. This is critical in keeping the skin around your eyes healthy.

Focus On The Outter Corner Of The Eyes

Instead of applying falsies to your entire lid, focus on the outer corner. You can do the same thing with dark eyeliner. Put a small wing of eyeliner that also barely extends beyond your eyelid! This will make your eyes appear more oversized and more round. 

Shape Your Eyebrows

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Everything around your eyes has the potential to help make your eyes look younger, brighter, and bigger, including your eyebrows! Take the time to tweeze stray hairs, use a brow gel to keep unruly hairs in place, and always make sure that they have a nice shape. 

Consider A Lash Lift

Instead of curling your lashes daily, consider investing in a lash lift. A lash lift is a procedure that involves curling your lashes and applying bonding agents to keep them lifted. Most lash lifts will last 4-8 weeks, so you won’t have to worry about curling them daily. 

Check out the rest of the blog articles for more tips and tricks! 

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