How To Reduce Fine Lines And Wrinkles

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There’s nothing quite like looking in the mirror to discover that you have a few fine lines peeking through. As more time goes on, those fine lines quickly turn into wrinkles. However, there are quite a few things that you can do to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. This blog article will tell you everything you need to know about how to reduce fine lines and wrinkles. 

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Microneedling is a procedure that involves running a small roller with several needles in it over your face. Smaller microneedling instruments involve gently pressing the needles into the skin. 

The damage to the skin makes it want to heal itself rapidly. The skin starts producing new cells faster, and there is an increase in collagen production. New skin cells are plump, helping to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. The increase in collagen production helps prevent future fine lines and wrinkles. 

DIY Microneedling Tools

Microneedling treatments can be performed by a professional, but that’s not your only option. Instead of paying possibly hundreds of dollars per treatment, consider picking up your own microneedling tool to do it yourself!

SlowPoke Microneedling Facial Roller By Julep ($30)

This microneedling facial roller is the perfect size to gently roll over your face, getting into every little spot!

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  • Advertised as pain-free facial roller
  • Small size makes it ideal for dividing the face and neck into small sections
  • 540 Titanium Microneedles
  • Sturdy
  • Comes with a case

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The Microneedle Tool – Face Roller By Solaris Laboratories At Macy’s ($15)

This .25mm roller is fine enough to produce the perfect amount of controlled damage to visibly firm and brighten your skin. 

Why We Love It
  • Fashionable black color
  • Sturdy facial roller
  • Affordable price
  • Fine needles create the perfect DIY micro needling treatment

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Collagen production helps the skin stay plump, preventing both sagging and wrinkles. However, as you age, your body stops producing as much collagen. This ultimately leads to wrinkles and fine lines. According to this article, there are several ways to get more collagen! 

Our Pick: Sculpted Face Stick By Ogee Luxury Organics ($52)

A heavenly face stick that offers easy application allows you to have a flawless “no-makeup” makeup look and stimulates collagen!

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  • Available in ten shades
  • Green coffee oil helps increase collagen production
  • Buildable
  • Wear it alone or under makeup
  • Minimizes pores

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Stay Hydrated

You can be mildly dehydrated and never realize it. When your body is dehydrated, so is your skin. It’s the largest organ in the body! When your skin isn’t hydrated, it looks sunken in. Fine lines and wrinkles will be more visible. You’ll often notice this after having an illness that makes you dehydrated. 

However, if you’re consistently mildly dehydrated, those fine lines will be around to stay. There are several beauty benefits to drinking water!

Use Sunscreen Daily

Sun exposure is one of the leading causes of premature aging. It can cause everything from age spots to fine lines and wrinkles. Help prevent fine lines and wrinkles by wearing sunscreen daily. Pick up makeup products that include an SPF, like those at Wander Beauty. 

Wander Beauty

Avoid Repetitive Facial Movements

I noticed that I was developing fine lines on my forehead. They are in the same spot where my forehead wrinkles when I raise my eyebrows, which I often do in selfies. That’s because any repetitive facial expression will create a groove under the skin, turning into a wrinkle. 


The only retinoid approved by the FDA for treating wrinkles is Retin A. However, this retinoid can help heal sun damage and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. If you’re interested in using Retin A, consult your dermatologist for a prescription. Prescriptions are often stronger than over-the-counter versions of retinoids. 


Dry skin tends to get wrinkles faster than moisturized skin. Most moisturizers contain ingredients that can help prevent wrinkles, such as a higher SPF and hydrating ingredients. 


Alpha-hydroxy acids are naturally found in most fruits; hence skincare products have natural fruits as their main ingredient. AHAs help to slowly strip away the top layer of dead skin cells to reveal the healthy, beautiful skin underneath. High AHA concentrations can potentially increase collagen production, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. We love the products over at Herbivore Botanicals!

Getting Enough Sleep

According to Nicholas Perricone, a Yale dermatologist, your skin needs adequate sleep to reduce fine lines and wrinkles. When you don’t catch enough sleep, your body produces more cortisol, which breaks down skin cells faster. However, when you get enough sleep, your body will make more HGH, which keeps your skin healthier and more elastic. 

Topical Vitamin C

According to Tulane University, Vitamin C can help do quite a few things, such as protecting the skin and increasing collagen production. L-Ascorbic acid is the most effective form of preventing wrinkles. Murad has a complete line of Vitamin C skincare!

Don’t Wash Your Face Too Often

Your skin has a natural layer of protection. It has oils on the skin’s surface to help keep it healthy. If you wash your face too often, it can strip away that barrier, leaving you vulnerable to skin damage and more likely to develop wrinkles. 

Start Skincare Before Wrinkles Start

Starting skincare before fine lines and wrinkles start is an important part of the prevention process. By using products that enhance collagen production, you’ll avoid developing fine lines and wrinkles that go hand in hand with a loss of collagen. 

You can also avoid making the same facial expression repeatedly. Make sure that you get plenty of rest. Eat ample fruits and vegetables. Most importantly, always protect your skin from the sun to prevent premature aging. 

In Conclusion

Fine lines and wrinkles can creep up on you before you realize they are happening. Thankfully, you can use these methods to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and prevent new ones from forming. Don’t forget to check the rest of the blogs for more tips and tricks! 

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