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Lip Gloss Hacks

There’s nothing like the sheer joy of giving your lips a quick swipe of the gloss before smacking them together. However, that doesn’t mean that that’s the only way that you can wear lip gloss, or that it’s the only way that you should. These fun lip gloss hacks will help you take your gloss game to the next level.

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Dust Translucent Powder Over Lip Balm

Use the setting powder on your lips if you want extra staying power. First, apply lip balm. Then, give yourself a light dusting of setting powder. Wipe away any excess powder with a tissue. Finally, apply your gloss!

Wear Lip Balm Underneath 

If you’re prone to dry, flaky skin on your lips, you need a smooth base underneath of your gloss to give it maximum staying power. A layer of balm is going to protect and hydrate your lips, creating the perfect canvas for your gloss.

Wear Gloss as Highlighter

It’s important to make sure that your lip gloss complements your skin tone before using this hack. Once you do, give your cheeks a swipe of gloss where you would normally apply your highlighter. Then, blend away! This is the perfect way to use lip gloss that you don’t care for on your lips!

Get Lip Gloss Out Of Hair With Dishsoap

If you’re wondering how to get lip gloss out of hair, you’re not alone. This makeup product is known for being sticky, and it’s bound to get in your hair if you have long hair. Instead of washing it with shampoo, use a squirt of dish soap! Lip gloss is greasy, so you need a soap that is going to cut through the grease to wash it out of your hair.

Use A Nude Shade On Your Brow Bones

If you have a nude lip color that you’re not fond of using on your lips, use it to highlight your brow bones instead! First, do your brows as you normally would. Then, put a couple of dabs of the lip shade along your brow bone. Blend it just as you would concealer.

Always Wear Lip Liner

The wand that you use to apply gloss simply doesn’t have the precision that liners and lipsticks do. To give yourself the perfect pout every time, make sure to line your lips before applying your gloss.

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Make Your Lips Look Fuller With Clear Gloss

For a fuller look, dab a bit of clear gloss in the center of your top and bottom lip. It will instantly make your lips look plump! You can use this trick by itself or use clear gloss on top of lipstick or lip paint. Either way, your lips will look larger.

Invest In Lip Primer

Lip primer helps create a smooth canvas to apply lip makeup too. It can fill in cracks and crevices so your gloss doesn’t pool into them or crack as the day goes on. If you want serious staying power, lip primer is going to be one of your favorite lip gloss hacks.

Fill Your Lips In With Liner First (One Of The Best Lip Gloss Hacks)

Before applying a dab of gloss, fill your lips in with your liner. This creates the perfect base for your gloss! Not only does it create the perfect blank canvas, if your gloss fades away in the middle of the day, your lips will still have plenty of color.

Keep Q-Tips On Hand For Beauty Fixes

If you accidentally get a little bit of gloss on your skin, don’t wipe off all of your work with a makeup remover wipe. Instead, keep a jar of cotton swabs handy. These are perfect for small fixes!

Don’t Swipe

Instead of swiping gloss across your entire lip like you do lipstick, put a dab in the center of your lips. Then, smoosh your lips together to help the color blend evenly across both your top and bottom lip.

Have Fun With Multi-Color Lips

Put a dab of one color in the middle of your top and bottom lip. Then, put another color on the outside of both lips. Finally, rub your lips together to blend the colors across both of your lips. This easy lip gloss hack will help you create the perfect ombre lip look!

Put Your Gloss On Last

This should be the last thing in your beauty routine. This beauty staple is known for being sticky and goopy. Even a drop of lip gloss is going to make your lips tacky. If you experience eyeshadow or powder foundation fallout, the powder will stick to that drop of lip gloss. Avoid this common beauty blunder by always applying it last.

Lip gloss is one of the most essential beauty staples that we all own. It’s no longer just for teenagers. There is a gloss for every age and style on the market. Use these hacks to help your lip color last longer, avoid common beauty mistakes, and have some fun!

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