ELF Lip Exfoliator Review

elf lip exfoliator review

ELF Lip Exfoliator looks like a lipstick and is just as easy to use. It’s supposed to slowly wipe away dead skin on the lips to reveal kissably smooth lips underneath within minutes. It’s also one of the most affordable lip exfoliator products. Let’s find out if you should pick one up with this ELF Lip Exfoliator review! Keep in mind that this ELF Lip Exfoliator review is for the one that I have, with is the ELF Lip Exfoliator in Brown Sugar. 

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How To Use ELF Lip Exfoliator

elf lip exfoliator review

To use the ELF Lip Exfoliator, make sure that you remove any makeup. Rub it along the lips using circular motions. Then, wipe the lip exfoliator off the lips with a cotton pad or cotton ball. Finish the process by applying a nourishing lip balm. 

How Often To Use ELF Lip Exfoliator

You can use it as needed. If you’re prone to chapped skin on your lips, use this sweet sugar lip exfoliator daily. If not, use it weekly to keep your lips kissably smooth. 

ELF Lip Exfoliator Pros Vs. Cons



This budget-friendly lip exfoliator can be found for as little as $4! It’s so affordable that it’s going to amaze you. 

A Must-Have For Matte Lovers

Matte lipsticks and lip glosses are known for drying the lips. This can show every tiny piece of dead skin or crack in the lips. A product like this can give you the smooth canvas necessary for matte lipsticks. 

Protects The Lips

Good for you ingredients like jojoba oil and avocado oil help to nourish the lips. Then, they add a protectant layer over the lips to help keep your pout smooth. 


After removing the dead skin on your lips, ELF Lip Exfoliator delivers a healthy dose of shea butter to help moisturize your lips. 


This product does exactly what it says it does. It exfoliates the lips so well that you’ll notice a difference immediately after using it. Then, this moisturizing lip scrub conditions lips to keep them smooth. 

Sugary Scent

The brown sugar lip exfoliant lingers on your lips with a sweet, sugary scent. It makes it taste that much sweeter. 

Tastes Delicious

While you’re not exactly going to be eating a lip exfoliant, you might lick your lips after you wash the sugar texture off. If you lick your lips, you’ll be relieved to discover that this product tastes as sweet as it smells. 


The small tube is like the one you get with other lip products, like lipstick. You can easily toss your Brown Sugar Exfoliator into your bag or pocket to take it on the go with you. 

Easy To Use

When you use a product that comes in a jar, it can be inconvenient to use. If you have long nails, applying them with a finger is impossible. I wind up using a cotton swab or one of those tiny spatulas. 

That’s not the case with this one. The tube turns up like lipstick, and you can easily apply it to the lips without touching it. That’s worth much more than four dollars. I’ve been using other lip exfoliators for years, and it was a relief to use this one. 

Different Flavors Available

I love brown sugar and sugar scrubs. However, other varieties are available if you’re not a brown sugar fan. 

The brown sugar one is also called clear or the original lip exfoliator. It has a slight taste and smell of chocolate. 

You can also enjoy a mint exfoliator called Mint Maniac, Sweet Cherry, or Coconut. 


Sells Out Quickly

On the one hand, you can find this product at your favorite beauty stores, like Ulta, drugstores, CVS, and the ELF website. On the other hand, it sells out soon after it’s re-stocked. It’s one of their more popular products, so you want to grab one while they’re in stock. 

Make Sure You’re Gentle

Sugar is a great exfoliator, but it can cause tiny cuts on the skin. This lip exfoliator can cause serious irritation or make your lips bleed if you’re too rough with this lip exfoliator. 

This is also important to ensure you don’t break the lip exfoliator. If you twist the tube up and apply too much pressure, you’ll split the lip exfoliator and break it. 

In Conclusion

This product is more than worth it. It will easily become a staple in my beauty routine, especially for the winter months. ELF Lip Exfoliator is so affordable and effective it’s easily one of the best on the market. You can check it out here!

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