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Asian beauty goes beyond just another beauty trend. Asian women are known for their youthful looks and glass-like skin. How do they do it, though? Learn all of the Asian beauty secrets you should use to get flawless skin and look younger!

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Mix Foundation With Face Oil

Face oil is one of the most hydrating beauty products, hence why it’s one of the best-kept Asian beauty secrets. Instead of liberally applying oil on your face, mix a few drops with your foundation. This secret will deliver a dewy glow that lasts all day long while providing the intense hydration that your dry skin desperately needs. 

Pimple Patches

asian beauty secrets

Pimple patches are your secret to getting rid of blemishes occasionally overnight! These tiny patches can be placed over a pimple. Your skin will absorb anti-acne ingredients, like colloidal silver, to reduce inflammation and redness and minimize the appearance of your pimple. 

We love these cute, star-shaped pimple patches!

Treat Acne With Mung Beans

Mung beans are small green beans in the legume family. These are the edible seeds of legumes and are plentiful in Eastern countries like India. Most of the world’s mung beans are cultivated in India and Asia, so it makes sense that they would be an essential part of Asian skincare. 

Mung beans combat acne by helping to clear away heat, like inflammation and toxins from the skin. 

To use mung beans, cook them and toss them into a food processor. Then, apply the paste to your face. Wash it off using cool water after ten minutes. 

Want a more comprehensive recipe? Check out this mung bean facial recipe! 

Use A Washcloth To Exfoliate

Korean women are known for their beautiful skin, which is one of their secrets. It works well on all skin types, including sensitive skin. It doesn’t matter what cleanser or exfoliate you use. Make sure to use a washcloth to wash your face. It will instantly make your skin clearer and more radiant. If you use an oil cleanser, it’ll help wash away oil residue too!

Pick Up A Facial Essence

Another secret we need to adopt from Korean women is using facial essence. Facial essence is applied after cleansing your skin and before applying other skincare products. These miraculous face sprays come with peptides and other good-for-your-skin ingredients to help prevent aging and promote healthy skin. One of my favorites is from Sunday Riley! It even works for sensitive skin!

Facial Exercises

Facial exercises were a fad years ago, and it’s time that they make a comeback. Korean women know there’s more to skincare than sheet masks and skin types. They go the extra mile by doing facial exercises to increase elasticity and decrease the risk of wrinkles. 

Charcoal Sheet Masks

Charcoal sheet masks give you the best of both worlds. Charcoal works hard to detoxify your skin as it helps clear out your pores. Then, the sheet mask offers the intense hydration that sheet masks are known for. Most sheet masks have a few exfoliating properties, so you can trust that your skin will feel smoother after using them. 

Steam Massages For Your Face

Steam massages are fantastic to help give you clean and clear skin. The heat from the steam opens pores, exposing dirt, oil, and residue buried beneath the skin’s surface. Massaging your face helps bring that dirt to the surface so it can be washed away. 

You can use the steam from a pot of water or the shower to give yourself a steam massage! It’s both budget-friendly and effective. 

Green Tea

Green tea possesses potent anti-inflammatory properties. Soaking a bag of green tea in hot water and applying it topically can help reduce redness and inflammation and soothe skin conditions such as eczema. Green tea does all this while delivering impressive antioxidants deep into your skin. According to this study, it’s also anticarcinogenic!

Understand The Link Between Skincare And Your Diet

The old phrase you are what you eat rings true, especially regarding skincare. Greasy, oily diets often lead to oily, acne-prone skin. Likewise, healthy diets packed with plenty of water lead to clear, hydrated skin. That’s why diets that prevent wrinkles and anti-acne diets are so popular!

However, you don’t have to eliminate fast food and pizza. Instead, try to limit unhealthy foods by eating more healthy foods! Some great ways to include healthy foods into your diet, or make foods a little healthier, include: 

  • Drinking more water
  • Eating fruits and veggies as snacks
  • Make a kale smoothie
  • Enjoy smoothies instead of hamburgers while you’re out
  • Dab excess grease off of the pizza with a paper towel
  • Experiment with different recipes to find foods you love

When you enjoy a healthier diet, every organ in your body will feel better, including your skin. 

In Conclusion

Korean women are known for their impressive beauty secrets. If you want to get the same glass-like skin, implement as many Asian beauty secrets as possible. Remember that beautiful skin starts from within. Pick up some facial essence, and start making a few of these daily habits!

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