Winter Makeup Tips For Dry Skin

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By Noor Rafi

Waking up to rough, dull-looking skin isn’t usually the best start to the day. And when it gets cold outside, most of us start experiencing this daily.

If you’re currently in the same boat and your makeup is losing its luster, don’t worry. Even if your skin looks parched, you can still achieve perfectly dewy makeup that brings out your inner glow.

You can instantly start feeling and looking your best by trying our tested winter makeup tips and adding the right products to your regimen. Keep reading to find out the best winter makeup tips for dry skin.

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Use Moisturizing Foundation

Winter is the right time to ditch that heavy foundation and get a lightweight, luminous one instead. Choosing the right formula is essential for a glowy, fresh look, especially when the weather is taking a toll on your skin.

Your goal should be to pick a moisturizing foundation that provides ample coverage and hydration at the same time. A lightweight foundation that seamlessly blends into the skin will give you a natural, radiant finish that makes you look fresh.

Experts usually recommend a light to medium coverage formula as full coverage foundations are heavier and more likely to accentuate dryness. Stay away from powder foundations as they can sit on the skin and emphasize dry patches.

Foundations containing hyaluronic acid, glycerin, and ceramides can help you achieve satin-like, smooth skin, perfect for the season. Think soft, dewy, and creamy this winter.

Pick Up Primer For Dry Skin

You need to use primer, especially when your skin needs extra hydration. A primer helps to create a silky canvas for makeup to go on. It works by blurring out pores and smoothening out the texture of your skin.

If you don’t have a primer in your makeup bag, it’s time to invest in one this winter. It preps your skin, quenches it, and plumps it up. After applying primer, your foundation will glide on like a dream, and you won’t have to worry about flakiness.

For best results, opt for a luminous primer rather than a mattifying one for an extra dose of glow. Pick a primer with a milky consistency and hydrating ingredients for perfectly radiant skin.

Cream Lipstick Formulas

Say goodbye to powdery face products and embrace all the creamy makeup you can. When it comes to lipstick, ultra-matte formulas can get too drying sometimes. Look for creamy lipsticks that moisturize and nourish.

Creamy lipsticks contain a higher wax consistency, giving them a balm-like, hydrating finish. You can also find lipsticks with built-in primers for ultra-moisturized and soothed lips without cracks.

If you’re tired of rough, dry lips, search for lipstick formulas infused with argan oil, shea butter, or Vitamin E. Once you try a hydrating lippie formula, you’ll find out there’s nothing like a soft, creaseless pout.

Use Face Mist

A hydrating face mist is a skin savior when it’s cold outside. During this time of the year, your skin can appear dull, tired, dehydrated, and even irritated.

Spritzing a facial mist will instantly give your skin much-needed moisture. These sprays are hydrating and calming without being thick or heavy on the skin.

Plus, facial mists provide instant hydration, brightness, and relaxation when your skin starts to feel stressed. You can use a face mist right before applying makeup, before bedtime, or throughout the day when you need to hit refresh.

So, don’t think twice– these rejuvenating mists are essential for bringing sad skin back to life.

Always Use Moisturizer

one of the best winter makeup tips for dry skin is to always use a moisturizer
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Moisturizer is a skin staple all year round but even more so during the winter. The cooler temperature can make your skin extremely dry and sensitive. This is why moisturizing should be a necessary part of your skincare regimen.

A non-greasy, easily absorbable, and intensely hydrating formula should do the trick. It’s even better if your moisturizer doesn’t contain irritating ingredients.

Even if your skin is super dehydrated, you can restore it to its healthy state by picking a powerful yet gentle formula that effectively seals in moisture.

Using a moisturizer in the morning and at night can greatly improve your skin’s appearance, elasticity, and texture. So don’t forget to give your skin a healthy burst of moisture daily.

Don’t Skip Primer

Skipping primer is a no-no when your skin needs extra care. Making primer an essential step in your makeup routine gives flawless results.

After applying moisturizer, wait a few minutes and slather some primer all over your face. You can do this using your fingertips or a clean foundation brush. Allow the primer to rest for 3-4 minutes, then do the rest of your makeup.

It’s important to choose the right primer for your skin type. Whether you have oily skin, dry skin, acne-prone, or sensitive skin– there is a primer for everybody.

A primer layer underneath your base can make all the difference, so don’t skip it. Period.

Multi-Tasking Makeup Products

Winter is the best time to invest in some multi-tasking beauty products. Not only do they get the job done quickly, but you also get a more blended and seamless finish.

These multi-taskers make your makeup routine much easier on cold, lazy mornings. You can use eyeshadow or lipstick that doubles as a blush, a moisturizer that also illuminates, or a lash gel plus serum.

One benefit of multi-tasking products is that you essentially apply fewer layers of makeup. This gives a more natural and soft finish and doesn’t make you look cakey.

Check out cream blush from Keys Soulcare. It’s packed with skincare ingredients that make it perfect for colder months, and you can find a shade that complements your skin tone. Read the full Keys Soulcare Cheek Tint review here! 

Liquid Makeup Products

You should turn to liquid makeup when aiming for a super blended, skin-like finish.

Water, oil, or cream-based products are hydrating and easy to apply. Even normal skin tends to dry in the winter, so you need to switch to liquid formulations with seasonal changes.

A liquid foundation doesn’t highlight fine lines or creases as much as powder foundations do. It melts into the skin and provides a luminous-from-within effect. The application is also more streak-free and even.

Look for lightweight formulas, as heavier foundations can clog the pores and give a less natural look. If you have a too thick foundation, mix it with some moisturizer to sheer it out. Add a few drops of face oil for an even more dewy look.

A tinted moisturizer or BB is an excellent choice for days when you want some all-over glow without a full face of makeup.


It’s the time of the year when chapped lips and dry skin make an entry. This is because there is less humidity in the air, and your skin dehydrates quickly. While moisturizing is a must, you also need to exfoliate.

Exfoliation helps you slough away the dead, dry skin cell buildup and allows healthy, new cells to return.

As a result, you get replenished skin that looks and feels fresh and smooth.

This simple step makes moisturizing more effective by allowing lotions and moisturizers to penetrate the skin cells fully.

Be gentle, as it’s easy to get harsh as you buff away. This can disrupt the skin’s natural barrier and make dryness even worse.

Try to find facial scrubs containing extra gentle exfoliants like bamboo, sugars, and rice bran. For dry skin, a hydrating scrub is perfect. Also, remember you don’t need to exfoliate more than twice a week, as overdoing it can be harsh on your skin.

Pat Instead Of Rubbing

Rubbing in your skin-care products can be problematic as it’s not a gentle technique. It also creates friction and can increase skin inflammation.

Patting is the right way to go. It is a gentler method as it uses less force. This means there are lesser chances of pulling, dragging or damaging the skin structure. Plus, it improves the product’s effectiveness as the ingredients are absorbed better.

There are several different patting techniques you can opt for. You can tap quickly with your hands or press using your palms. Another option is applying the product on your fingers and patting it with fast, repetitive taps.

Patting works best for lightweight products with a watery consistency. This includes moisturizers, gels, and serums. If you have a thicker formula, you can spread it all over your face and then pat it in for the same results. There are quite a few scientific reasons behind why you should pat instead of rub.

In Conclusion

Remember to incorporate all of these winter makeup tips into your routine; the harsh, cold weather will have minimal effects on your skin. Your focus should be on making your skin as healthy and hydrated as possible. You will effortlessly look fresh, radiant, and polished if you get this right.

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