12 Best Glitter Eyeshadows

Glitter eyeshadows are a girl’s best friend. You can never have enough shimmery shades in your makeup bag. Whether you are inspired by the ’70s disco looks or the 90’s dramatic glittery smoky eye shadows to Euphoria’s iconic gems-covered eye looks, Glitter eyeshadows never go out of trend. 

Almost every major beauty brand has glitter eyeshadows in its collection. Many of them offer deluxe editions during the holiday festivity seasons. You have a bundle of options from Christmas-themed color ranges to cult classic fall gold and bronze glitter shades. Just take your pick and experiment away!

I have curated a list of the best shimmery eyeshadow options for your haul. Whether you are at a beginner level or a pro-makeup enthusiast, buckle up, folks! It’s goin’ to be bling-a-ling ride….

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Mothership IV: Decadence by Pat McGrath Labs ($128)

  • Are you obsessing over Taylor Swift’s Bejeweled eye makeup look? I know we all are. This palette is the one McGrath used to create that celestial sparkly eyes. You can expect nothing but iconic perfection from Pat McGrath.
  • This Gems-inspired palette feature 10 metallic sparkly shades of golden, silver, bronze, red, blue, green, and more variations of gold and bronze shades.
  • Let your artistic side take the wheel and remix your own bejeweled look. Who knows, you might create a new trendy look. Have fun.

Check it out here!

ELF Liquid Glitter Eyeshadow ($6.00)

elf liquid glitter eyeshadow
  • My color pick: Pinky swear.
  • This is the perfect pick if you’re a glitter-liquid eyeshadow girl. I pinky swear on that. The quick-dry liquid shadow by elf comes in 11 glitzy shades, including the signature 24k gold shimmer. Its gel-based consistency glides smoothly without leaving glitter chunks on your eyeballs.
  • The shade pinky swear is perfect for a neutral, not-so-dramatic, shimmery eye look.
  • For all beginners, this one is for you.
  • Pro-tip: Apply it on top of a matte shade to give your eyes a pop-out look.

Check it out here!

ELF Rose Gold Eyeshadow Palette In Nude Rose Gold ($10)

  • Let your eyes shine with the shimmery bombshell eye palette by elf.
  • This $10 nude rose gold palette features 10 subtle to bold glittery delights. Whether you want a dramatic creasing or a silky blended look, wear your dreamy euphoria-inspired eye looks this party season.

Check it out here!

KVD Dazzle Long-Wear Eyeshadow Stick ($24)

  • Our pick: Heat Burst – Bold ruby
  • Nothing screams party-ready than a bold red eyes look. Create your own Euphoria-inspired red-eye look with this iridescent red shadow stick.
  • Available in 6 dazzling shades ( Heat Burst – Bold ruby, Green Flash – Intense jade, Electro Bolt – Fierce Copper, Flash Storm – dreamy sterling, Hail Surge – soft pearl, Thundercloud – Cool Silver).

Check it out here!


  • Gasps-worthy color range. These metallic pigments are so creamy that it feels like you are a silky-soft moisturizer on your eyeballs. Try applying it with your fingers, and you’ll see.
  • As they say, a little goes a long way. This mini palette has a color range of bold to light warm shades to go with all your holiday-themed party looks or for a day-to-day casual look. Let your eyes do the talking with these bright, creamy metallics. Recreate your Euphoria-inspired neon winged liner looks or bold to soft cut-crease look with these shimmery neon shades.
  • This NYX has three softer tones, perfect for an everyday look if you prefer a subtle sheen on your eyes.

Check it out here!

Julep Eyeshadow 101 Crème to Powder Waterproof Eyeshadow Stick Duos ($30)

  • My pick —-Medal winners— is for those who are a beginner to this glitzy world of eyeshadows.
  • Here it is! The OG of glitter shades. This cult classic gold and bronze duo gives your eyes a glowy touch and a nourishing treat. The shades are highly flattering and easily blendable with other shades. You can apply it directly on the lids to bring that radiant goddess touch to your eyes.
  • Infused in the hydrating powers of two Vitamins, C & E, to protect your eyes from the dry winter air. The Candelilla Wax makes the two-shade duo easy to blendable. Achieve your date-ready sultry look in a few minutes with this shimmery duo.

Check it out here!

Bare Minerals Loose Mineral Eye Color ($16) 

  • My pick: Celestine (light pewter).
  • If you love razzle-dazzle drama on your eyelids with a dewy touch, then this bareMinerals loose shade is your pick. The nude neutral eye looks with dramatic lip color never go out of style. Perfect for an evening look.
  • It has a creamy smooth, easily blendable, long-lasting texture.
  • Pro-tip: Apply it on a matte shadow for a velvety sheen.

Check it out here!

Julep Eyeshadow 101 Crème to Powder Waterproof Eyeshadow Stick. ($16)

  • Our Pick: Smoky Amethyst.
  • Another Euphoria-inspired eye look? Heck ya! Shades of purple like lilac, violet, and plums decorated with gemstones and glitter are a signature to Maddy’s character. She rocked those trend-setting looks. And so can you!
  • Julep’s eyeshadow range is a myth buster for creamy textured glitter shadows. This waterproof, crème-to-powder stick glides effortlessly on the lids and gives a water and crease-proof powder finish after drying. It is a must-have vanity bag item for your go-to indigo smoky look.

Check it out here!

Glam Attack Liquid Eyeshadow By Haus labs. ($32)

  • This bundle of luxury goods features eye-popper glittery liquid eyeshadows. Available in six sparkly metallic shades –Ranging from black with multi-color pearls to soft mauve with silver pearl– You can use it for a single-shade look or play mix and match to create impactful party-ready looks. Create your wet or dry glitzy eye look for a glitter-appropriate occasion. Just swipe on and witness the magic.

Check it out here!

Shimmer Veil By Cover FX ($28) 

  • My pick: Mercury—–Traditional Silver.
  • Let your eyes take center stage by creating a bold silver shadow with thick winged eyeliner to complete the look. Also available in five more shimmery colors. This classic silver pearlicious glimmer is on our list to make you revive that 90’s glittery eyes look.
  • Pro tip: use this luminous silver as a highlighter or add a pop of shimmer to your lips.

Check it out here!

Shadow Crayon By Trestique ($24)

  • Friendly Warning: This product by Trestique isn’t going to be your one-time buy.
  • Our pick is a midnight navy blue shade (Baltic Blue) to give your eyes that bold, sparkling blue shadow look. Create your own kate moss-inspired blue smokey eye or Jules (Euphoria) iconic shimmery blue eye makeup look for a date-night dinner with this silky non-creasing crayon. Also available in 11 vibrant to soft glittery colors.

Check it out here!

Celestial Divinity Luxe Quad By Pat McGrath labs. ($35)

  • Want Mcgrath’s space-age sparkle limited edition item on a budget? Here it is! The last but not least, pick on the list. This celestial divinity collection is inspired by outer-space hues (as the name suggests). Pat is known for his multidimensional illuminant shades, which are used to create a solo shade look or blend cool blue to warm neutral tones of gold.
  • The shades are so pigmented and glide on the eyelids to give a weightless colored texture to your eyes. Create some gush-worthy looks for a perfect girls’ night out.

Check it out here!

Glitter eyeshadows are never going to fade out of style. Keep your makeup game on point with these beautiful babies! Need more inspiration? Check out the rest of the blog!

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