Can You Use Lip Liner As Eyeliner

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Have you ever been lining your lips with the perfect shade of lip liner, only to wonder if you could also use it as eyeliner? Lip liner and eyeliner are similar makeup products – they both do the same thing by accentuating your best features. So, can you use lip liner as eyeliner? Keep reading to find out.

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Eyeliner And Lip Liner Are Not The Same

You may be thinking that since eyeliner and lip liner are nearly identical products and offer the same benefits for different parts of your face – they should be interchangeable. However, there are a few key differences that you need to keep in mind.

These two makeup staples both use different pigments and color additives. The ingredients and pigments that make up eyeliners have been tested to be entirely safe for use on the eyes, whereas those in lip liners haven’t.

What Sets These Two Makeup Staples Apart?

Eyeliner is made of oils, waxes, clays, and pigments that form a thin layer on your skin and help the liner stick to your eyes. Like eyeliner, lip liner is also made of fats, waxes, and oils. The higher amount of these ingredients in lip liner sets these two products apart.

The amount of alcohol found in products is another key difference. Lip liner usually contains more alcohol so that it doesn’t dry out your lips. The alcohol can cause soreness and irritation in and around your eyes.

Lip liners come in a variety of beautiful, bright colors. More notably, it’s available in various shades of red. To achieve these colors, lip liner uses many different pigments and additives that have a stronger chemical composition than those used in eyeliner, which should be avoided around the eyes. 

All ingredients used in lip products are not deemed safe for the eye area. For example, certain red dyes are known to cause irritation, which is why the FDA has not approved them for use in the eye area. 

Side Effects Of Using Lip Liner As Eyeliner

There are many unwanted side effects that can arise from using lip liner as eyeliner. The FDA has strict guidelines for what color additives can be used in eye makeup and specifically caution against using lip liner or any other products not designed to be used near your eyes.

Lip liner, blush, and lipstick can cause eye irritation and can even lead to blindness. Any colors you use around your eyes should always be specifically approved by the FDA, meaning that you should only use products intended for your eyes.

Using lip liners as eyeliner can also cause cross-contamination. Your mouth comes into contact with many more things than your eyes do (eating, drinking, etc.). This means that all the germs and bacteria from your mouth and lips can be transferred onto your lip liner. When you use your lip liner as eyeliner, all of those germs will come into your eyes which can cause discomfort, eye irritation, redness, and even infection.

Other Alternatives To Eye Liner

Urban Decay Perversion Mascara can be used instead of using lip liner as eyeliner

If you don’t have any eyeliner but want to accentuate your eyes, there are many different options you can consider before reaching for your lipliner. These substitutes are safe to use instead of eyeliner and will have the same effect.

1. Make your own homemade eyeliner

For those who love natural, homemade products, you can make your very own homemade eyeliner. To make eyeliner at home, you’ll need:

Once you’ve gathered your ingredients, melt the coconut oil and beeswax/vaseline in a saucepan. Then combine the remaining ingredients in a jar with a secure lid. This will keep your eyeliner from drying out.

If you’re not a fan of DIY projects and don’t want to make your eyeliner, other makeup staples work as great substitutes for eyeliner. Here are a few makeup products you can use as an alternative to eyeliner.

2. Mascara

Mascara and liquid eyeliner have very similar ingredients, and the properties of both cosmetics are similar too. Mascara works excellent as a substitute for eyeliner – you’ll need a small angled brush. Dip the small angled brush into the mascara slightly to ensure you don’t get too much on the brush. Then, glide it along your eyelid and the base of your lashes as you would with your eyeliner.

3. Eyeshadow

Eyeshadow is another excellent alternative if you don’t have any eyeliner on hand. If you love a smudged, smokey eye look – eyeshadow is the perfect cosmetic staple.

Take your brush and dampen it to let the powder stick together easily. This will make the application process less messy. Then, dab your brush along your eyes into the base of your eyelashes as you would with your eyeliner for a seamless smokey look. The best part about eyeshadow is that you can experiment with different shades and pigments, and add a pop of color to your makeup look.

Can You Use Eyeliner As Lip Liner?

Using lip liner as eyeliner is a no-no, but what about using eyeliner as a lip liner? The short answer is – yes, you can use eyeliner as a lip liner. The lips are far less sensitive than the eyes, and since the FDA strictly regulates eyeliner for pigments, the ingredients are nearly identical. One thing to be mindful of is cross-contamination. Make sure you don’t wipe the pencil on your eyes to avoid irritation and, worse, infection.

Final Thoughts

Although it may be tempting to use your lip liner as eyeliner, it’s recommended you don’t use these products interchangeably. Lip liners and eyeliners are cosmetic staples many women love to use in their daily makeup routines. Still, lip liner contains ingredients that irritate the eyes and should not be used as eyeliner. Instead, try substitutes like eyeshadow or mascara to give you that effortless smokey look.

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