Can You Wear Eyeliner With Lash Extensions

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A woman’s beauty has no bounds. Every feature holds an unmatched aura, whether plump lips or almond-shaped eyes. When it comes to eyes, it’s not just their shape but the eyelashes that add a different kinda aura and magic to the beauty of a woman. Falsies are always trending, but it leaves most people asking can you wear eyeliner with lash extensions?

Eyelashes are indefinitely one of the most beautiful parts of any woman, making her look even more attractive. This is why girls across the globe try various remedies to make their lashes longer and thicker. These remedies don’t often work, which is why eyelash extensions are here to save the day for many.

But can you wear eyeliner with eyelash extensions? It’s a frequently asked question, and we are here to resolve it for you today. Keep scrolling, folks! This article is gonna be fun.

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Can You Wear Eyeliner With Eyelash Extensions

Yes! You can wear eyeliner with eyelash extensions and enhance your eye makeup. Extensions don’t stop anyone from applying eyeliner. If you’re worried about eyeliner ruining the lash extension, then don’t worry because it’s unlikely.

However, please use a shadow-based or liquid liner instead of gel or waterproof liners that turn out worse for lashes. Don’t use oil-based liners because the lash glue will dissolve in the oil. Just play it off. Don’t use low-quality eyeliners, and make sure your tips don’t mesh the lashes.


Do you know eyeliners came into existence 13000 years ago in Egypt? Men and women of the elite class used it to define their eye beauty and mark their presence.

Eyeliners have always been used to enhance beauty. However, it was considered a way to protect wrinkles beneath the eye back in those days. But the eyeliner used in ancient times was quite different from the one we use today. Eyeliner was mainly known as kohl and was created from organic ingredients that won’t hurt the eye. It was made of black minerals called galena, whereas it now contains known and unknown elements such as wax, natural gums, clay, iron oxides, and lanolin.

Eyeliner Requires A Bit More Effort With Lash Extensions

It is hard to apply eyeliner with lash extensions. False eyelashes- especially if you’ve put them on for the first time, are always at risk of falling off.

A good eyeliner will make things better. If you were not a pro at applying liner before, applying it with lash extensions could be trickier because you have to worry about two things now. Making the perfect line and ensuring that it doesn’t smudge while taking care of the lashes, so they don’t pull out, is indefinitely a huge deal. Moreover, removing a gel or liquid eyeliner with lash extensions is more complicated than putting it on.

Eye Makeup With Lash Extensions

It’s safe to wear makeup with lash extensions. Eye makeup with thick eyelashes dramatically affects the overall look. While applying eye makeup with lash extensions, avoid oil-based products. It can break the adhesion.

Moreover, avoid using waterproof mascara because it will be difficult to remove, and in the process of washing it off, you might damage your lashes. Switch for a mascara that can be easily washed off and doesn’t require much effort.

Applying Eyeliner Right After Getting Eyelash Extensions

You’re running late for a party and got your eyelashes done a couple of hours ago. What to do?

Take your time with your decisions. It’s OK to skip eye makeup, including eyeliner, for a day. Nobody’s gonna tell you, but it’s best advised not to use eyeliner after getting eyelash extensions within 24 to 48 hours. Allow the glue to set and bond with the lash line. Eye makeup application requires lots of smudging and stretching, which can ruin the extensions.

By the way, there’s no restriction on putting on concealer or removing blemishes. Conceal your dark circles and spots without worrying about damaging the eyelash extensions. Nude eyeshadow and mascara best define the lashes, but avoiding rubbing the area is better.

What Type Of Eyeliner To Wear With Eyelash Extensions

When applying eyeliner, completely avoid gel, pencil, or cream eyeliners because they tend to tangle the eyelashes, and you won’t need that with your eyelash extensions. These liners also leave behind residue that damages lashes. Similarly, avoid liners with oil or alcohol in them. They affect the adhesiveness of the lash.

  • Water-based eyeliner without oil is best, so it comes off easily when you wash your face or remove it with makeup remover.
  • Always read the packaging and ingredient list carefully before applying eyeliner to correspond with the above tip.
  • Opt for shadow-based or liquid eyeliners.
  • Avoid gel and waterproof liners because they are harder to remove and often require an oil-based makeup remover, damaging your extension’s adhesive quality.
  • Don’t use pencil liners because they usually involve pressing down harder on the lash line, which can slowly wear away at the glue on the lashes.
  • Kajal and kohl eyeliners are known for staining the skin, which means extra rubbing at the end of the day. They’re a big no.
  • Avoid glitter
  • Powder eyeliners work perfectly for an enhanced, smokey eye look without damaging the extensions.
  • Cake eyeliners are incredibly gentle on your lashes and safe to add volume to a matte look.

Pros Vs. Cons- Eyeliners

Wearing eyeliner with false lashes can instantly make your eyes pop, but it’s always important to consider both the pros and cons before applying eyeliner and wearing false eyelashes. 


– Eyeliner can change the entire look of your eyes

– Can make lashes look thicker

– Gives your lashes an excellent bold outline

– Plenty of liners available that are safe to wear with lash extensions

– Eyeliners enhance eye symmetry

– Intensify eye color

– Eyes look wide and beautiful

-You don’t look tired even if you have deep dark circles beneath your eyes

– Eyeliners give a knack to creativity and allow girls to use the brush as they will and unleash the inner artist

– Herbal and organic eyeliners provide eye protection and benefit eye and skin health. Their natural oils keep the eye smooth and moisturized

– Eyeliners make a fashion statement, and even now, we associate specific eras with the eyeliner style


– When you accidentally get eyeliner on your lashes, it can make them clump and damage your lash extensions

– Rubbing to remove eyeliner at the end of the day can damage your lashes

– May accidentally pull on your lash extensions when applying eyeliner

-Poor quality eyeliners that are often expired could lead to discomfort and, in worse cases, damage the eye as its the most sensitive organ

-Continuous use of eyeliners could be dangerous for eyes; after all, it contains inorganic ingredients which aren’t skin-friendly

– Eyeliners have set unrealistic beauty standards. One has to keep up with the trends and invest in expensive eyeliners in different colors. Young girls face the pressure of applying the best-winged eyeliner. Girls with hooded eyes feel the pressure of making their eyes look bigger

-Applying eyeliner is time-consuming, especially if you are not a pro.

How To Apply Eyeliner With Falsies

Eyeliner application with falsies could be tricky, especially if it’s your first time. First of all, you need not worry because practice makes us perfect. It’s better to buy eyeliner designed for lashes instead of ordinary ones that clamp them. While you’re at it, don’t apply liner to eyelid margins because it contains essential oil-secreting glands.

Follow these tips to apply eyeliner with falsies easily!

Curl Natural Lashes

Before applying anything, curl the lashes with an eye curler. You can skip the step, but it adds more volume to the lashes and enhances the look.

Starting Point

Start from the inner corner of the eye and go for soft, light strokes. Don’t tremble, and try to do it in a single stroke. Putting eyeliner with pauses would make it appear bumpy. Keep a cotton swab or makeup wipes to clean the mess.

No Tightlining

It makes sense to stretch the eye but don’t tight line. It will smudge the liner once you release the eye in its original state.

Apply It Directly Above The Lash Line

Avoid coming into contact with your lash extensions by applying them directly above the lash line. It will help to stay away from the glue that keeps them in place.

Less Is More

Don’t put layer over layer of eyeliner. A thin line is more than enough. If you want thick eyeliner, look in the mirror and see how much more you need. But try to keep it simple and sophisticated.

Don’t Put Eyeliner On Eyelashes

Eyeliner is supposed to be applied on the lash line, not the eyelashes themselves. It’s gonna ruin your makeup and damage your eyelashes, especially if you use a poor-quality liner that won’t come off quickly with water.

Don’t Press Or Pull Down On Eyelashes

Pressing or pulling down eyelashes is a big no. Be gentle, as eyelash extensions aren’t permanent even if you got the most expensive ones.

Use A Mirror Below Eye Level

Don’t skip this part. Use a mirror to ensure you have a clear view of what you’re doing to your eyes.

Tips For Removing Eyeliner With False Eyelashes

  • Use a lint-free cloth
  • Dab at your eyeliner instead of wiping back and forth or scrubbing
  • Try removing your eyelashes first
  • Don’t use long-lasting glue for natural lashes
  • Don’t put the glue on your natural lashes
  • Don’t rip off false eyelashes. Remove them gently
  • Use a good makeup remover, and don’t rub the eyes. It’s not good for your retina and lashes. Both
  • Use oil-free makeup remover
  • Comb your lashes gently before and after removing the liner
  • Don’t sleep with eyeliner and other eye makeup on
  • Use a cleansing balm when removing the eyeliner
  • Massage the liner gently, and don’t use oil-based products to remove it
  • Use lint-free Q-tips to remove the liner
  • Lash shampoos work best for both liner removal and protecting lashes

How to clean the eyeliner on the eyelashes?

Use Q-tips to clean the eyelash extension properly. Dab it properly but remember to be gentle. Don’t tug the lashes because it’ll weaken them. Clean the lashes in the direction of the curve.

The process won’t take long, even if you have hefty makeup. 

In all honesty, makeup is the biggest enemy of eyelash extensions. Some of us love makeup and can’t help putting it on daily. Don’t use caked makeup on lashes because it will weigh them unnecessarily. As makeup contains glycerin and oil, it’s usually advised to avoid it. But you can opt for makeup products that don’t contain these two ingredients.

Avoid caked makeup with extensions and avoid extensions at any cost. It causes inflammation and irritation. Cleaning eyelashes are incredibly important. If you don’t do so, they might get infected. And trust me, an infected lash hurts like hell.

Invest in a good lash shampoo and clean yourself properly after using makeup.

Final Takeaways

The above article isn’t meant to scare you off applying eyeliner or getting lash extensions. Lash extensions look marvelous and help you manage your daily makeup routine effortlessly. You can always add extra oomph with some mascara or liner, but it’s best to be cautious. Waterproof, gel or oil-based liners will only create trouble. Therefore, always buy a good quality mascara or liner that lasts long without causing damage.

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