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Water-based mascara is a must if you have false eyelashes or want a mascara that is easier to remove! Water-based mascaras don’t have the same high oil content that many others do, making them ideal for anyone who wants to ensure that their lashes stay hydrated. 

They’re also great for anyone with lash extensions or false eyelashes. The oil in mascara and other lash products can break down the glue you use for your falsies, making them fall off mid-day. When you wear oil-based mascaras, it can break down the adhesive on your lash extensions, guaranteeing that they don’t last as long. 

It can be frustrating digging through mascaras to find the ones that are water-based, but we did the hard work for you! These are the best water-based mascaras on the market! 

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Essence Lash Princess ($15)

This pack of three mascaras is the only oil-free mascara you will need! It instantly takes false lashes and lash extensions to the next level. Essence Lash Princess is specially formulated to make lashes appear longer and thicker for maximum drama. 

Not only will this water-based mascara make falsies look fuller and longer, but it does so without clumping or flaking. The vegan formula clings to your lashes to make your look last all day long!

It’s also buildable. You can wear it with lash extensions, but once you try this mascara, you might not want them anymore. Easily layer one coat on top of another for the look of false lashes without needing false lashes. 

Check it out here!

BADGal Mascara by Benefit Cosmetics ($27)

BADGal Mascara by Benefit Cosmetics takes lashes to a new level. The dark black color is perfect for lining your lash line to make your lashes pop! Not only that, but this mascara offers serious staying power! One review on the Benefit website pointed out that her lash look survived a car accident thanks to this mascara. 

Not only will it stay in place, but it won’t weigh down your lashes! The unique formula is made with aero-particles, one of the most lightweight particles known to man. You can plump your lashes with one coat or build one coat on top of another for killer lashes. 

Check it out here!

L’Oréal Voluminous Original Mascara ($11)

This beauty by L’Oreal is enough to give your lashes the boost you want. The carbon black color is perfect for applying a touch to the tips of your lashes to make them instantly look longer. If you want to apply more than that, you don’t have to be concerned, thanks to this mascara being water-based. 

Not only will this mascara make your lashes look long and thick, but it’s not likely to irritate sensitive eyes, either. 

There is one downside to this fantastic, water-based mascara. The applicator can pick up too much product at times, leaving you with a smudged mess. Make sure you scrape the applicator along the side of the tube when you pull it out to avoid this mishap. 

Check it out here!

Nars Mini Climax ($13)

Nars Mini Climax was carefully reviewed by SkinSafe, a website that reviews the ingredients of just about every cosmetic out there. According to SkinSafe, it is free of gluten, allergens, and oil, so you can trust that this mini miracle will not break down the glue on your lashes. 

This water-based mascara doesn’t clump or smudge as the day goes on. A full, thick applicator carefully coats each lash for maximum impact that lasts all day. It’s available in a mini size, so you can try it before committing to a full-size version!

Pick up this mini marvel here!

Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara ($28)

Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara has become a classic. It’s been around for years and never goes out of style. The formula is free from oil, according to SkinSafe,  so you won’t have to worry about this oil-free mascara breaking down lash adhesives. 

That’s not all that you’ll love about Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara! It’s free from sulfates and parabens, too! One coat is all you’ll need for dramatically thicker lashes that everyone will notice. 

Check it out here! You can also pick up a mini version for half the price!

Water-based mascaras are a must-have for quite a few reasons. The oil in mascara is known for breaking down the adhesive used for lash extensions. It can also break down the glue that is used for false lashes. That’s why oil-free mascara is a must-have for anyone with false lashes or extensions. 

That’s not the only reason that water-based mascaras are fantastic, though! These formulas are easier to wash away when compared to oil-based mascaras. Because they are oil-free, you only need mild soap and water or a gentle cleanser. They’re better for your lashes because they are easier to get off. Less tugging and pulling at your lashes will keep them longer and more robust. 

If you’re searching for an oil-free mascara, these are the best of the best. Don’t forget to check out the rest of the blogs for more fantastic products, reviews, tips, and tricks. 

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