How To Choose Eyeshadow Color

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Your eyes are the windows to your soul. They’re the first thing people notice, so ensuring your eye makeup is always the ideal color is important. You can find eyeshadow available in every shade of every color, so it’s essential to know how to choose eyeshadow color.

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Consider Eye Shape

You can easily decide between light and dark eyeshadow by looking at the size of your eyes. Light colors make the eyes appear more open, so many people with small eyes opt for white or nude eyeliner. Likewise, dark shades tend to make your eyes appear smaller. Think about your desired effect when choosing an eyeshadow color.

Match Eye Colors

Matching the colors in your eyes is a beautiful way to enhance their beauty. Choose a shade that matches a certain hue to help bring out that shed in your eyes. Opt for any matching shade to instantly draw attention to your eyes.

Consider Neutral Shades

Neutral tones are always a great idea when you can’t decide on a shade and must know how to choose eyeshadow color as soon as possible. Brown shades work well with any eye color, including blue. Taupe and beige are equally great options. Shades of grey are an excellent cool-toned neutral option. These shades complement any outfit.

Go For Metallic Glam

Metallic shades are another neutral that anyone can wear. Opt for gold and bronze shades if you have warm undertones. People who have cool undertones tend to wear silver better. Metallic shades can instantly give your look a pop of personality, are great for one-color looks, and you can wear them with any outfit. However, remember the occasion to ensure your glam look doesn’t appear out of place.

Creating Cool Contrast

Break out your color wheel to create contrast without your makeup looking bad. Find your eye color on the wheel, and then use the color on the opposite side. This technique helps you create the perfect contrast. It’s why blue eyes and orange eyeshadow pair perfectly together. Red and green are another cool contrasting option.

Learning how to choose eyeshadow color doesn’t have to be challenging. These tips will guarantee your eyes are always on everyone’s mind. Check out the rest of the site for more awesome makeup tips!

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