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Have you been constantly ridiculed by people for wearing too much makeup? Are you skeptical about applying makeup daily? Whether it’s your first time wearing makeup or not, this article will deal with the biggest myth- makeup is bad for you. Trust me; it isn’t! There are plenty of benefits of makeup.

Some people are so obsessed with the idea of natural beauty that they look down upon women who wear makeup. Remember, these people are the same ones who’d judge you for your dark circles, spots, acne, and blemishes, usually covered by makeup.

You’re free to do anything. There’s nothing wrong with covering your face with foundation or a simple red lipstick. You’re good to go as long as it makes you feel good.

If you still need convincing, here are some benefits of makeup listed to add some colors to your life. Let’s change the perspective together.

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Better Appearance

Nobody is perfect, and achieving perfection could be great if you have unrealistic standards. Nonetheless, you can always work on enhancing your appearance. If you slept late last night and have tired eyes, you can’t possibly go to work and attend an important meeting looking uninterested. This is when makeup saves the day. You can improve your appearance and look more alive with concealer and mascara.

Protect Your Skin From The Sun

Do you know UV rays from the sun damage the underlying connective tissues of our skin? Sun exposure is lethal. Yes, it’s considered a great source of vitamin D, but with a depleting ozone layer, sun exposure leads to discoloration, hyperpigmentation, and in worse cases, skin cancer. It also creates wrinkles and fine lines on the face.

But if you’re applying sunscreen, sunblock, SPF foundation, BB cream, or CC cream, you’re adding a protective layer to your skin. We live in a world it’s necessary to protect our skin from harmful UV rays by putting on sunscreen.

Increase Your Confidence

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Exceptional beauty standards have lowered our morals. Not just women but teenage girls who haven’t even reached puberty have been dealing with low esteem and various insecurities because they don’t look a certain way. Some are worried about not having a slim nose, and others feel bad about tiny eyes.

First of all, you’re perfect the way you are. No need to feel bad about it. However, it’s hard to overcome your insecurities within days or weeks.

Henceforth, you can always build your confidence by putting on makeup. The bronzers and contours available in the market make your nose look slimmer. Various eyeshadow techniques can make your eyes look bigger.

Putting on makeup with perfect lipstick would instantly lift your mood and increase your confidence if you have an important interview or an office presentation. There’s no denying that makeup makes us look good, and when women look good, they feel good.

Look Flawless In Photos

In this world of Instagram and Snapchat, everyone’s obsessed with posting high-quality, flawless pictures. Most of the time, it’s a faulty camera that ruins some really good pictures. But sometimes, our dark circles and spots ruin a picture’s overall aesthetic.

It’s your birthday party, so you’d want bright and pretty pictures. This is when the makeup comes to the rescue. The additional layer of makeup enhances your natural beauty and helps you look flawless in photos. At least you won’t look asleep or half-dead in photos which usually happens if you click a photo without makeup.

Enjoy A Better Complexion

Makeup products play a significant role in brightening your complexion. Let’s be clear. There’s a huge difference between lightening your complexion and brightening it. We do not support the former unless someone wants to lighten their skin since it’s blatant racism. We respect all skin tones and believe women of all colors are beautiful.

Unfortunately, everyone doesn’t enjoy a healthy, brightening look due to stress or multiple other reasons. However, makeup helps with achieving a better complexion. It makes your skin look fresh and bright. BB cream or CC cream will enhance your complexion, giving off a dewy, smooth look.

Let Your Inner Artist Out

Makeup is about unleashing your creativity. If you’ve been an active Instagram and Tik Tok user, you must’ve seen hundreds of makeup artists showcasing their talent and leaving us stunned.

Today, makeup has become the art of brushes. Artists use brushes and a few makeup products to create innovative and beautiful looks. These makeup artists get a chance to showcase their creative skills by changing the entire outlook of someone’s face, which is great.

You get to let out your inner artist and play with colors the way you like. Not only is it fun, but being creative is wonderful for your mental health. 

Have Fun With Makeup

Makeup is fun! Nothing’s wrong with picking up some brushes, a few lipsticks, and a tint and smudging it all over your face the way you like. It’s all up to you whether you wish to create a mess.

On occasions like Halloween, people have fun with makeup! They recreate their favorite looks the way they want. Try putting on makeup with your best friends, and you’ll realize it’s so much fun. Having fun with makeup means stepping out of your comfort zone to try bold shades and new looks that unleash your daring creative self.

Look Younger

Makeup does wonders, and helping you look younger is one of them. Instead of wasting money on surgeries that often go wrong and prove risky, opt for makeup products that help you look younger and fresh.

You can always cover fine lines and wrinkles with makeup. Matte formulas help to hide pores, and contouring plays a massive role in elevating the rest of the makeup. Using makeup in the right manner with the right techniques can help you hide signs of aging.

The Creativity Has A Positive Impact On Mental Health

Even if you’re not a pro at applying makeup, the very act of being creative, applying eyeshadows and glitters, choosing the perfect amount of blush, and going out with a bare face except for red lips makes you creative, which has a positive impact on mental health.

Creativity boosts positive emotions and reduces depression, further improving our immune symptoms. It also plays a major role in relieving stress. People who have experienced trauma often use creativity to overcome trauma. Art keeps us engaged and boosts our confidence.

Even if you think your makeup still isn’t good enough, don’t worry. Give it a try and unwind yourself. You’ll see for yourself how makeup can help you feel better.

In Conclusion

Are you ready to put on makeup without worrying? That means it’s time to pick up a few new eyeshadow palettes and have some fun! Don’t forget to learn about why you shouldn’t sleep in makeup, so you remember to remove your makeup every night!

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