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Generation Clay Review: Ultra Violet Clay Mask

Generation Clay is an Australian based company that prides itself on making products that are both good for you and effective. The Generation Clay Ultra Violet Brightening Purple Clay Mask is one of their most popular products. 

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How To Apply Generation Clay Mask

Smaller tubes of this product sometimes come with an applicator brush that you can use to apply the mask to your face. You can also use your fingers to apply the mask to your face. Be careful to avoid your eyes. 

After application, wait approximately ten minutes. You’ll feel the mask slowly tighten. After ten minutes, rinse the mask off using circular motions with your fingers and lukewarm water. 

How Much Does Generation Clay Mask Cost?

For the most part, you’re going to spend between $10-30. These products were very popular in Ipsy bags and other subscription services so you can usually find them brand new on websites like Poshmark. (I got mine in an Ipsy box quite a while ago.) 

Pros Vs. Cons

purple clay mask

There are plenty of great things, and not so great things, to keep in mind if you’re interested in a new clay face mask. 


Minimizes Pores

Using this mask one time resulted in me barely being able to see my pores. Not only does it minimize the appearance of your pores, when you combine it with Dr. Brandt Pores No More Luminizing Primer, it’s as though you don’t have pores. I love this effect. 

Reduces Redness

You’ll notice that you have a more even skin tone after your first time using this clay mask. I have red blotches and redder cheeks. I eliminated everything else from my skincare routine except for this mask to see if it made a difference. It definitely did. 

You Can Use It In The Shower

I know they say you’re not supposed to wash your face in the shower. I understand that people take hotter showers. However, I feel as though you can wash your face in the shower as long as you use the appropriate temperature. 

Unlike a peel off mask, you simply wash this one off. I put it on during the beginning of the shower. Then, lower the water temperature and wash it off when it’s ready to be washed off. Skincare really doesn’t get easier than that. 

Generation Clay Mask Makes Your Skin Smoother

This clay mask instantly makes your face unbelievably smooth. I know how horrible it is to touch your face, but I couldn’t stop touching my face after I used this mask the first time. It’s so smooth and looks flawless. It’s truly amazing how well this mask works. 

You Can Use This Clay Mask Daily

While you’re supposed to use other masks 2-3 times a week, which can be a major downside, you can use this one every night. It doesn’t harm your skin, and it doesn’t contain a lot of harsh chemicals. I used this for a week straight in place of my regular facewash at night. 


Limited Availability

For quite a while, there were plenty of people getting these in subscription boxes like their Ipsy box. Because of that, you can still find them on sites like eBay or Poshmark. Outside of that, you can order brand new products from the website or Amazon. Sometimes you can find it on Walmart.com. 

However, that’s about it. You won’t find Generation Clay masks in local stores like Target. Your favorite makeup and beauty stores like Ulta or Sephora also don’t carry it. 

Can Burn

My skin is a bit sensitive, and that was one of the major downsides to using this mask. It didn’t make my skin break out or cause redness, but it did burn after applying it. Some people refer to this as a “tingling sensation.” 

After application and the initial “tingling” subsided, there were no other problems. It wasn’t unpleasant or painful enough that I wouldn’t want to use the product. On the other hand, if I found a product with these exact same results without the burning, that product would instantly outshine this one. 

I do want to note that this is different depending on the person. While I experienced burning for about one minute, and then it subsided, you might not have the same experience. It could burn longer. There are reviews of people that say it made their face literally peel. Their skin was peeling off. You can read a few of those reviews on this website. 

It Smells Like Clay

Obviously, a clay mask is going to smell like clay. The clay smell in this one is a tad stronger than other clay masks I’ve tried. It doesn’t bother me, but I can see where it might bother other people. If you hate the smell of clay, this might not be the best product for you. 

Is Generation Clay Ultra Violet Clay Mask Worth It?

For me, it is. I hate the appearance of my pores (they look huge), and I love the mask’s benefits. However, if you don’t need brightening and aren’t concerned about your pores, you aren’t going to enjoy this mask as much as I do. Consider whether you need the benefits it provides, are willing to take a risk, and then decide whether it’s right for you. You can pick it up here!

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