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Lip Gloss Pros Vs. Cons

Lip products are a cosmetic must have. In a few minutes, you can instantly perk up your complexion. You can create new looks with a simple swipe. They can help you make your outfit pop when you’re feeling your best. Lip products are also more cost effective than other products, instantly earning them a place on every vanity. Lip gloss is one of the most popular lip products on the market. 

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Pros Vs. Cons Of Lip Gloss

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While lip gloss products are affordable and significantly more affordable than other lip products, they do come with their own pros and cons. Make sure that you consider both of these before picking up a tube in every shade. 


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Glossy Finish

When it comes that alluring, glossy finish lipsticks simply cannot compete with a gloss. Hence the name lip gloss! These lip products will give you a pop star shine every time you swipe them across your lips. 

Thicker Texture

Not only will lip glosses give you a shine, but they also have a thicker texture that instantly gives you kissable lips. You’ll instantly look like you have a natural pout with some lip gloss. When you use lipstick or lip liner, you’re going to have to put in a lot more work to get that same appearance. 

Easy Application And Re-Application

There are so many ways to apply lipstick. For more staying power, you need to use a lip brush and a time consuming method with at least four steps. You can also wind up smudging it as you apply it. That isn’t the case with lip gloss. Instead, you simply smear it across your lips and you’re good to walk out the door. 

Makes Your Lips Look More Full

Because lip gloss has a thicker texture than most other lip products, it can instantly make your lips look more full. Lip glosses like Too Faced Lip Plumper use a thick texture and a special formula to actually plump out your lips. If you would like your lips to look fuller without cosmetic surgery, lip gloss might be the way to go. 

Lip Gloss Is Moisturizing

This is the one area where lip gloss truly outshines other lip products. Matte lip paints are known for drying, but that isn’t the case with lip gloss. Lip glosses are so moisturizing that you won’t have to worry about things like chapped lips in the winter. 


Can’t Be Used For Lip Art

While lip gloss looks great, it doesn’t quite dry the same as other formulas do. Because of that, your looks are limited to the one shade of lip gloss that you have in your hand. You can’t create the same ombre look or other lip art looks with lip gloss that you can with lipstick or other lip products. For lip art, check out this!

Less Staying Power

Almost nothing has less staying power than lip gloss. It will fade within hours of application, if not sooner. There are a few tips that can help make your glossy shine last longer, but even those won’t get you very far. On the upside, the easy application process means that it doesn’t take a lot of effort to re-apply your gloss every hour. If staying power is important, check out this lip product! Most lip glosses that aren’t designed to last all day won’t, but there are always exceptions!


This is one of the biggest downsides of lip gloss, and one of the reasons why I don’t wear it as much. Because it doesn’t truly dry like other lip products, you’ll notice that it’s always sticky. If you have long hair, it’s going to be a nightmare. Even if it’s not a windy day, you’ll have to pull your hair off of your lips. 

Not As Many Vivid Colors

Lip gloss doesn’t offer the same spectrum of colors that other lip products, like lip paint or lipstick, do. While you can find more colors today than you could years ago, you will still find yourself stuck in the same range of peaches, pinks, and reds for the most part. Check out this article for article to learn all about lip paints!

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