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How To Clean Makeup Brushes With Baby Shampoo

If you wear makeup regularly, you should be cleaning your makeup brushes at least once a week, hence why so many people are learning how to clean makeup brushes with baby shampoo. The more you use your brushes, the more you need to clean them. Not only will you have to deal with product build-up when you don’t, which can make doing your makeup a disaster, but you are also more prone to breakouts. When you don’t clean your makeup brushes, bacteria can build up. 

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Cleaning your makeup brushes with baby shampoo can help remove product buildup. However, it’s important to note that this does not disinfect the makeup brushes and kill all of the bacteria. Because of this, most people use this method throughout the week. Then, they also disinfect their makeup brushes once per week. 

Cleaning Makeup Brushes With Baby Shampoo

To clean your makeup brushes with baby shampoo, all you need is a glass, baby shampoo, and your makeup brushes. 

First, fill the glass partially full with warm water. You don’t want to put too much water in the glass or it will overflow. 

Next, put a drop of baby shampoo into the glass. Just a tiny drop will work perfectly. Too much baby shampoo will leave a residue on your makeup brushes. 

Then, use one of your makeup brushes to swirl the water in a circle. This will effectively mix the baby shampoo with the water. 

After that, put your makeup brushes in the water and let them soak. Let them soak for 15-20 minutes. That is more than enough time to soak them. If you soak makeup brushes for too long, it can damage the brush beyond repair. 

Finally, take the brushes out of the cup, rinse them and wipe them dry on a towel. This will also remove any additional product buildup that is still on the brush. If it’s been a while, you might have to wipe them on a towel a few times. Lay them out to dry, and they’ll be ready to use again in the morning. After that, learn how to disinfect makeup brushes!

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