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Is It Bad To Share Mascara?

When you have more than one girl in the house or backstage, you’re bound to wonder is it bad to share mascara? Not only is sharing mascara bad, but it can also lead to serious infections and health problems. 

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Why Is Sharing Makeup Bad?

Sharing makeup, in general, is bad, not just mascara. When we swipe lip gloss across our lips, it picks up the bacteria on our lips. Likewise, our eye products pick up bacteria from our eyes. This is why it’s recommended to switch out mascaras every three months, even if they aren’t expired yet. 

Our eyes are surrounded by live tissue that is packed with bacteria. Every time that we use a makeup brush, eyeliner, or even mascara we are transferring that bacteria to the spoolie, brush, etc. 

When someone else uses that same makeup, the bacteria are also transferred to them. This can lead to infections and health conditions like pink eye.

Can Sisters And Family Share Makeup?

When it comes to sharing things, we seem to share everything with our family. My daughter loves makeup, which ultimately led to the question of is it bad to share mascara? It makes sense that it would be fine as we all share germs in the same environment anyway. 

However, that is not the case. While we might be sharing germs, it’s not the same as sharing germs that are on makeup. You would have to put your finger on your eyeball and then touch your family member’s eyeball for it to be the equivalent. When we think of it like that, it makes sense that sharing makeup is unhygienic. 

How Can You Share Makeup?

Sharing is always caring, and there are certain ways that you can share makeup. You need to make sure that the brushes, etc. do not touch your skin, eyes, etc., and then touch someone else. If someone uses your eyeshadow, they can touch the brush to the eyeshadow and then their skin once. If they put the brush back in the makeup, it transfers bacteria into the eyeshadow. This can then be transferred onto the next person that uses the eyeshadow. 

For mascara, each person would need to have their own spoolie and only dip it into the mascara once. This is a bit unrealistic. Instead, you can simply buy some cheap mascara so each person can have their own mascara.

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