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How To Use Illuminating Serum

Illuminating serums continue to increase in popularity. If you’re still wondering how to use illuminating serum, you’re not alone. Illuminating serums are easy to use, and they’re packed full of great for your skin ingredients, so you don’t want to miss out on these when they are a trend. 

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What Is Illuminating Serum

The illuminating serum is designed to give your skin an extra dose of both products and radiance. It combats dull skin, and slowly corrects dark spots for an even complexion. This serum makes you appear refreshed no matter how little sleep you got last night. These products can also help your skin retain moisture for an extra dose of hydration. 

Illuminator serums are also called brightening serum, glow serum, or referred to as illuminators. Brightening serum is designed to provide an even skin tone and help slowly reduce the appearance of age spots and discolorations.

You apply brightening serum the same way that you do this type of serum. Keep in mind that some illuminating serums might contain pigment to give you the illusion of having a more radiant complexion while they work at evening out discolorations. 

How Do You Apply Illuminating Serum

To apply illuminator serums, you put a few drops on your fingertips or directly onto your skin. I prefer to put it on my fingers first in case I accidentally use too much. Then, gently rub it into the skin and neck using a circular, upwards motion. 

It’s important to read the directions that come with the product. It’s common to find illuminator serums that are supposed to be used twice per day. However, some are only to be used once per day.

Illuminator serums might contain ingredients that require you to limit your exposure to natural sunlight for the day. It’s important to carefully read the directions to make sure that you don’t accidentally make dark spots worse or give yourself a bad reaction. To learn more about how to get rid of dull skin, read this article! 

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