Is lip plumper supposed to burn

Is Lip Plumper Supposed To Burn?

I have a thinner top lip than I do a bottom lip, so I was really excited years ago when I discovered lip plumper glosses. However, I was not prepared for the intense burning sensation. Then, I had to figure out are lip plumper glosses supposed to burn? Is there a reason they feel this way? Actually, they are supposed to burn, but only to an extent. 

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Lip Plumpers Are Supposed To Burn

Lip plumpers often include an irritant. Granted, this doesn’t apply to all lip plumper glosses, but it does apply to most of them. 

When you apply that irritant to your lips, it makes them turn red and slightly swell. The swelling makes them bigger, much like you swell after you get stung by a bee. The red appearance, which is because your lips are irritated, gives the illusion that your lips are bigger. They burn because they are supposed to. 

The Burning From Lip Plumper Should Fade Away

Thankfully, the burning sensation does not last long. Most of the time, you’ll notice it slowly fade away within a few minutes. 

If the burning does not fade away, it’s a sign that you’re having an allergic reaction. This will give you bigger lips, but it’s not a good idea to take this route. Instead, wash the lip gloss off of your lips and discontinue use. 

Lip Plumper Glosses Effect People Differently

When it comes to lip plumper, it is not a one size fits all product. Some people will notice that the burning fades away after five minutes while others will swear it took twenty minutes. If your lips are chapped, it’s going to hurt a lot worse. If you’re more sensitive to spicy foods and other irritants, you’ll probably report more pain than someone that is less sensitive. Keep that in mind when deciding if lip plumpers are worth a try.

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