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Does Body Spray Go Bad

Just like the rest of the items in the vicinity of your vanity, body spray can go bad, and has a shorter shelf life once it is opened. Most experts agree that the average shelf life of body sprays is 3-5 years. However, there are reports of Victoria’s Secret Body Sprays going bad in one year. Others claim that they have had the same body sprays for multiple years, and the body spray has not changed. Unfortunately, there is no set rule like there is for most other things. 

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How To Tell If Your Body Spray Is Expired

While there might not be a hard and fast rule to tell you when to toss your beloved body spray, there are a few tell tale signs that you need to watch out for. Keep a close eye on perfumes for these signs. If you notice any of them, it’s time to replace them. 

It Smells Differently

As the ingredients start to break down, you’ll notice that your perfume has a different smell. This is a similar thing that happens when lipstick goes bad. Most of the time, it’s a rather unpleasant smell. Your body spray may begin to smell sour when it begins to go bad, or it might just smell a little off. A difference in smell means that you need to replace it. 

The Color May Change

If you started out with one color, and you notice that you now have a different color, there’s a chance it could be because your body spray has gone bad. The change in color is due to the molecules in the body spray breaking down, which is what happens when you have an expired body spray on your hands. 

Expired Body Spray May Evaporate

When your body spray has a high content of alcohol, it might begin to evaporate. If you notice that your bottle is slowly looking as though it has less and less perfume even though you haven’t been using it, it’s a sign that the alcohol is evaporating. Then, there will be fewer preservatives in the bottle, and your perfume will go bad rather quickly. 

Can You Use Expired Body Spray

You can, but you shouldn’t. First of all, the smell will change. You don’t want to walk around smelling like vinegar or something else horrible all day. Second, you can wind with irritated skin. Instead, toss expired body sprays and rotate your stock.

Instead of risking it, pick up some new body spray if you’re concerned that yours has gone bad.

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