Should Your Eyeshadow Match Your Outfit

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Whether you should match your eyeshadow to your outfit is an ongoing debate in the beauty world. Some people love to match their eyeshadow with their outfits, while others opt for a bold eyeshadow that pops and stands out from their outfits. So, what should you do when getting ready for a night out on the town? In this article, we’ll go over everything you need to know about should your eyeshadow match your outfit?

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The Do’s and Don’t’s of Matching Your Eyeshadow With Your Outfit

When it comes to matching your eyeshadow with your outfit, it mainly comes down to preference – there are no right or wrong ways to do your eye makeup when considering your outfit.

Matching your eyeshadow precisely to your outfit is considered a faux paux more often than not in the beauty world. But this doesn’t mean you can’t match your eyeshadow with your outfit in a subtle way. These are the do’s and don’ts to remember when matching your eyeshadow with your outfit.

Use One Color Palette

When trying to match your eyeshadow to your outfit, you must be mindful of the colors and shades you use. There’s nothing wrong with wearing bold colors that stand out, but you’ll want to avoid using the same bright color for the eyeshadow you’re wearing in your outfit. Instead, use a color that’s similar and in the same color palette so that your eyeshadow compliments your outfit rather than clashes with it.

Don’t Be Too Matchy

Don’t go too overboard when matching your eyeshadow with your outfit. You don’t want to match your exact outfit with your eyeshadow– that may be too intense and make you look overdone. I

f you’re wearing a bright, bold top, try using a more muted shade of that same color for your eyeshadow. If you’re wearing a grey or black top, you can elevate your look with a smokey eye or use a vibrant color for your eyeshadow. This will help you compliment your look rather than overdo it.

Know What Colors & Shades Suit You

It can be tricky to figure out how to coordinate shades and colors of your makeup and outfits first, which is why it’s important to know what eyeshadow shades suit you.

Test a few colors on your face to see what color palette and shades suit your skin tone best. You’ll want to use colors compliment your skin and avoid those that make you look washed out or work against your skin tone.

Avoid shades that clash with your outfit or completely overdo your look – you want to be subtle while also making a statement.

Using The Color Wheel 

Makeup artists use color theory to help correct skin tone. For example, red is the opposite of green on the color wheel, which is why a green concealer or primer will correct excess redness. When colors are opposite on the color wheel, these are called complementary colors. You can also use the color wheel to determine your eyeshadow colors!

This is a great way to select eyeshadow based on your eye color or outfit. You want to select complementary colors. For example, red is the opposite of green on the color wheel. That means that red eyeshadow will look incredible with green eyes. 

That doesn’t mean you have to wear bright red eyeshadow, though. Any red, orange, or coral shades will pair well with green eyes. 

You can pick up a color wheel for a few bucks here! 

Use Shadows That Compliment Your Eye Color

When choosing eyeshadow to match your outfit, it’s best to use colors complimenting your eye color. While a color wheel will work to help you learn that, I understand that everyone doesn’t want to refer to a color wheel to do their makeup.

Don’t worry! There are some hard and fast rules that you can remember instead of having to bust out a color wheel every day if that’s what you prefer to do. Each eye color has different palettes and shades that suit you and bring out your best features. Here is a rundown of the colors that best suit your eye color.

  • Blue eyes: Neutral and light colors bring out blue eyes best and compliment their natural brightness.
  • Green eyes: Muted, dark colors emphasize green eyes and help them stand out. Dark purples and browns are the best shades to use with this eye color.
  • Hazel eyes: With hazel eyes, you can experiment with various shadows and colors – but neutral and metallic colors suit them the most.
  • Brown or dark eyes: If you have brown or dark eyes, you’re lucky – they go well with almost any color. For lighter brown eyes, use neutral and lighter shades; with darker brown eyes, you can use darker shades that contrast with brown.
  • Gray eyes: Gray eyes look great with smokey silver blue and gray as these shades contrast with gray eyes. These colors help them stand out and complement them very well.

Color Combinations That Work Together

We’ve got you covered if you’re having trouble finding the right colors that work well together. Some certain shades and colors complement each other and look great when trying to match your eyeshadow with your outfit. These are complimentary colors that you can combine.

  1. Green and gold
  2. Sable and maroon
  3. Dark purple and plum
  4. Charcoal and yellow
  5. Blue and pink
  6. Lavender and teal
  7. Lime green and electric blue

These are just a few color combinations that complement each other and can be used as inspiration when matching your eyeshadow to your outfit.

Match Your Eyeshadow To Your Shade Of Lipstick

Instead of focusing on eye color, or even the color of your outfit, opt for what’s known as a monochrome makeup look. This makeup trend was a massive hit in 2022 and doesn’t show a sign of fading away.

For this look, the color of your eyeshadow and lipstick should match. Some people take the monochrome look a step further by matching eyeliner or blush, but you don’t have to if that’s too monochromatic for you. 

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  • Several shades are available, including shades for those with fair skin

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Final Thoughts

Although matching your eyeshadow to your outfit exactly can look too overdone and clash in most cases, there are many ways that you can subtly match your eyeshadow to your outfit. Always consider your eye color, skin tone, and outfit when choosing your eyeshadow to create the best look possible.

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