Eyeliner For Beginners

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Eyeliner has become a staple in my makeup routine. There are so many products and cool looks you can achieve with eyeliner it’s hard not to become interested in it. Before grabbing the latest color or the prettiest package at Sephora, ensure you learn all about eyeliner for beginners. 

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Applying eyeliner is an entirely different ball game, though. To learn how to apply liquid eyeliner, check out this article. It gives you a step-by-step guide with pictures to help you achieve the perfect look. 

Types Of Eyeliner

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There are various types of eyeliner that you are going to come across. These all have their own pros and cons. Pencil eyeliner is known as being the best option for beginners. However, you will also discover an eyeliner stamp for the perfect wing, eyeliners you need a brush to apply, and many more. 

Pencil Eyeliners

Pencil eyeliners are usually recommended for beginners. These are easier to use than liquid products. Not only are they more straightforward to use, but it also give you a chance to get your technique down pat before switching to a more complicated product. 

Long ago, pencil eyeliners were just that – pencils. You had to sharpen them. They felt like you were drawing on your eyelid with a pencil you would use in school. You can still find these pencils if you prefer, but they are not the only type on the market. 

Now, modern eyeliner pencils function similarly to mechanical pencils. A quick twist will help bring more eyeliner out. This is similar to how lipstick works. Eyeliner pencils are available in a cream formula that is not rough on the delicate skin surrounding the eye. You can find them in smudge-proof formulas, waterproof formulas, and every color you can imagine. 

Gel Eyeliners

Gel eyeliners are typically sold in a pot with a brush. These eyeliners tend to have a creamy consistency between a pencil eyeliner and a liquid product. They are easy to apply and less likely to smudge when compared to other eyeliners. 

You can find gel eyeliner formulas in a pencil version. Urban Decay makes a popular gel eyeliner pencil. These provide you with the same benefits that gel eyeliner does. At the same time, they are easy to apply, like a pencil eyeliner. 

Liquid Eyeliner

Liquid eyeliner is the go-to choice for both staying power and dramatic looks. It’s easy to complete a cat eye with a flick of the wand. 

It is not the go-to choice for most beginners. This is because it has a definite learning curve. Liquid eyeliner can get messy. Getting the look you want can be more challenging, especially if you don’t have steady hands. 

TIP: Clench your toes when applying eyeliner to help steady your hands

Felt Tip Eyeliner

Felt tip eyeliner is technically a liquid eyeliner. It has the same formula but comes with a felt tip similar to a marker. You can find some with a flexible tip and products that offer less flexibility to give you more control over where you apply the liner. These are a good idea for anyone learning how to apply liquid eyeliner. 

Eyeliner Tips For Beginners

Eyeliner has a fun learning curve to it. You can pull off so many looks and illusions with the right eyeliner. These excellent beginner eyeliner tips will help you achieve a flawless look you’re proud of. 

Start With Pencil

You don’t have to if you can’t stomach using an old-school pencil. Instead, pick up a gel eyeliner pencil. These are easy to apply. They are available in both waterproof and smudge-proof formulas as well. 

Learn Your Eye Shape

Learning your eye shape is essential. It will help determine where to apply eyeliner and what type to apply. For example, if you have small eyes yet apply a thick line of eyeliner, it can make your eyes look too small. Instead, you want to apply a thin line. Learning how to apply eyeliner for your eye shape is essential to ensure you look your best. 


As with all makeup products, take your time to practice. Don’t try to apply liquid eyeliner for the first time before heading off to the office. This can instantly spell disaster. If you mess up, and you more than likely will, you don’t have time to fix it. Not practicing can make you feel like giving up on makeup. It’ll make you think that you’re bad at makeup. In reality, you need more practice. 

Use Concealer To Cover Mistakes

Using concealer to cover mistakes can instantly save your makeup. You can leave it on instead of wiping it off. Using your concealer applicator, touch up your wing for a flawless look. Remember that your concealer must match your skin tone for this to work. 

Cotton Swabs (Q Tips) Can Smooth Uneven Lines

If you’re new to applying liquid eyeliner, seeing that you haven’t applied a perfectly even line can be discouraging. Instead of feeling down, get a cotton swab and run it over your eyeliner before it dries. You can instantly create a flawless line. 

TIP: You can also use a cotton swab instead of your concealer applicator for precise application

Try Using A Pencil First

If you want the dramatic look of liquid eyeliner but don’t quite have the knack for it yet, don’t worry. Apply pencil eyeliner first. Then, trace over your pencil eyeliner with your liquid eyeliner. 

Invest In Eye Primer

Eye primer is a must if you want your makeup to last all day. This is especially true if you have oily eyelids. Apply your eye primer before applying any eye makeup, including eyeliner. 

Set Your Eye Makeup

Not only do you need to set your foundation, but you also need to set your eyeliner. Use a fluffy brush to apply a thin dusting of translucent powder over your eye makeup once you’re done. This is a great idea if you are prone to smudging. 

Try Out Different Colors

Black is always a great option, but you’re limiting yourself if you stick with black eyeliner. Nude and white eyeliner can help open your eyes. Brown and green eyeliners look gorgeous with hazel eyes. Experiment with different colors of eyeliner to find what works well for you. 

Easy Eyeliner Ideas

How To Make Eyeliner Stay

You’re not alone if you notice that your eyeliner is fading away by your lunch hour. I have oily eyelids, and it doesn’t take long for the best eyeliner on the market to start to disappear. Here are some tried and true tips to make your eyeliner stay put. These work well if you have hooded eyes. 

Pick The Right Formula

There are plenty of formulas on the market. You want to ensure that the eyeliner you pick has a smudge-proof formula. Some are designed explicitly for smudging, so it can be easy to accidentally throw the wrong one in your cart. Instead, take the time to read the label. 

Waterproof eyeliners are best for tight lining. Tightlining is very close to your eye, so you are more likely to wind up with eyeliner that is too wet. You find every type of eyeliner available in a waterproof formula. 

Read Reviews

If you’re more likely to shop online, read product reviews for a few extra minutes. An eyeliner advertised as smudge-proof that still smudges will not have rave reviews. Beauty enthusiasts wouldn’t want to put someone else through that! 

Always Use An Eye Primer

Most people wonder whether you need an eye primer. You do. They can make your eye makeup last longer, including your eyeliner. If you’re applying a wing, make sure that you prime the skin where you are applying eyeliner. 

Translucent Powder

Setting powder is another must for your eyeliner to stay in place. You need to apply a fine dusting over your eyeliner after application for maximum staying power. 

Setting Spray

You should apply setting spray after you’re done with your makeup. Make sure that you cover your entire face. This includes the eye area. 

What Is Tightlining

Tightlining is a practice that involves lining your lash line with eyeliner. Some people do this on the top lid. You can also do this on the bottom lid. You want to use a waterproof pencil eyeliner that does not smudge for the best results. This can help prevent the eyeliner from leaking into your eye. 

Using Eyeshadow As Eyeliner

If you don’t want to be limited to the eyeliner that you currently own, break out your favorite eyeshadow palette. Using an angled brush, apply it to your lash line. You want to use the same process that you would when applying eyeshadow. First, apply your eye primer. Then, your eyeshadow. After that, apply the eyeshadow that you’ll be using as eyeliner. Finally, finish your look with a setting spray. 

In Conclusion

Eyeliner can be tricky in the beginning, but practice always makes perfect. This applies to every type of makeup, predominantly liquid eyeliner. Use these eyeliner tips for beginners to ensure you learn how to achieve a flawless look. Don’t forget to check out eyeliner tips for your eye shape! 

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