Liquid Eyeliner Tips 

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Applying liquid eyeliner might seem difficult, but it’s not that bad. There is definitely a learning curve, but it’s far from impossible to master this type of makeup. These liquid eyeliner tips will help you learn to apply liner like a professional. 

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Understand The Types Of Liquid Eyeliner

All liquid eyeliner is not created equally. There are different types of eyeliner that you’ll come across as you’re shopping. For serious staying power, opt for a pot of liquid eyeliner that is both waterproof and smudge-proof.

If you’re not feeling confident with a liquid eyeliner pot just yet, though, try an eyeliner pencil or eyeliner that you can apply with an angled brush. There’s nothing wrong with starting slow! If you’re not using a liquid formula, make sure to look up tips for the type of liner that you’re using. 

Make A Cheat Line With Pencil Eyeliner

One of the hardest parts of applying liquid eyeliner is getting a perfectly even line on both lids. You can simplify the process by drawing a light line with a pencil or gel pencil liner. Then, trace over the line with your liquid eyeliner for easy, perfectly even cat eyes! This is one of the easiest liquid eyeliner tips to use!

Using An Angled Brush

Using an angled brush for eyeliner is one of the best tips for beginners. It’s easier than using a liquid liner with a flexible tip. You can easily line the angled brush up with your eyelid for perfect lines and wings. 

Take Your Time

Liquid eyeliner is not something that beginners should apply when they are in a hurry. Instead, make sure that you have plenty of time to apply liquid eyeliner in the morning. If you’re in a rush, stick with a pencil liner for the day. Then, go back to practicing with these liquid eyeliner tips.

Try An Eyeliner Stamp

An eyeliner stamp is an easy way to give yourself the perfect winged liner. The most popular eyeliner stamp comes with a marker-like liner that makes it easy to apply liner to your lid, and a stamp end that creates the perfect winged liner. You don’t have to use liquid eyeliner tips for beginners when you can use a marker stamp. 

Put On Mascara First

You don’t have to apply liner all the way to your lash line. Typically, mascara will cover this area when you apply it to your upper lash. It can make it easier to apply mascara beforehand because you will know where you need to apply liquid liner, and how close it has to be to your upper lash. 

Check Your Work During Application

In the middle of applying liquid eyeliner, take a step back from the mirror to look at how it’s turning out. This is key to making sure that both of your lines are even. 

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One Section At A Time

When applying liquid eyeliner, take your time. Split the area into three sections. From the middle of your lid to the outer part of your lid is one section. The inner part of your lid will be another section. Finally, the part where you apply winged liner to the outer edge of your lid will be another section.

If you put eyeliner on your bottom lid, separate the lid into the same three sections.

Work on one section at a time, and be careful to apply liner slowly to each section. This will help you get the hang of liquid liner. 

Start In The Middle Of The Lid

When applying liquid liner, start in the middle of the eyelid and work your way out. Then apply liquid eyeliner to the inner corner of the lid. 

The first stroke of liquid eyeliner will have more eyeliner on the brush. It makes it a little too easy to apply too much. If you do this in the inner corner of your eye, it can leak into your eye, which is both dangerous and messy. 

Connect The Dots

If you’re a beginner, using the connect the dot method is an easy way to get the hang of applying liquid liner. Draw small dots along your lid where you will be applying eyeliner. Then, simply connect the dots to create a line across the lid. 

You can use liquid liners, gel liners, or pencil liners to draw the dots! 

Use Cotton Swabs For Crisp Lines

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Every girl should have cotton swabs on their vanity. They are useful for several things during makeup application, especially when it comes to eyeliner. 

If your line looks a big jagged, use a cotton swab for a clean line. Swipe it across the eyeliner on your lid before it dries. 

Make a mistake? Put a dab of coconut oil on your cotton swab to clean up mistakes. (Coconut oil is a great replacement for makeup remover.)

How To Dry Eyeliner Fast

Dry eyeliner faster by sitting in front of a fan or waving a piece of paper in front of your face like a fan. The relaxing breeze will help eyeliner dry faster. 

Learn Your Eye Shape

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Before you start applying eyeliner, it’s important to know what the shape of your eye is. If you notice that your eyeliner doesn’t look flattering, you more than likely need to learn to apply it for your eye shape. 

Try Different Techniques

Crafting the perfect wing can take time. Some people prefer a liquid liner with a flexible brush, and others swear by using stamped liner. There is also the option of using a liner brush with a pot of eyeliner. Play with different techniques until you find the one that is perfect for you. 

Apply Eyeshadow Second For A Softer Look

Apply your liner first, and then put your eye shadow on top of your liner. This is a great way to give the jet black liner a softer look if your look of the day doesn’t call for dark black liner. It can help smooth jagged lines on eyeliner too. 

Practice With An Eyeliner Brush

A great way to perfect your liquid eyeliner skills is to practice making a wing with an eyeliner brush and some eyeshadow. Wet the liner brush, dip it in the eyeshadow and then draw on your eyeliner wing. 

Eyeshadow is easier to wipe away than most quality eyeliners, so you can practice for hours without rubbing your eye area raw. 

Liquid  Liner Pens Are Easier To Work With

Beginners can make liner application easier by picking up some liquid liner pens. Most of these have a more rigid tip than a makeup brush, making it easier to get a flawless line across your lid.

Try Keeping The Skin Taut

In the beginning, it can be easier to keep the skin of your eyes taut while drawing a line or making that flawless cat-eye flick. However, this can cause more wrinkles in your eyelid space, so make sure that you only do this while learning to apply liquid liner. 

It Could Be Your Makeup Products

Using low-quality makeup products can kill your liner. Even celebrity makeup artists aren’t going to be able to get the perfect cat eye if the liquid formula they are using is crap. Take the time 

As with everything, remember that practice makes perfect! For more awesome make-up tips, product reviews, and the latest trends, check out the rest of the articles!

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