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The Best 4 Horror Themed Eyeshadow Palettes

Fall is known for quite a few things. Pumpkin spice lattes and wholesome trips to the pumpkin patch are Fall classics, but that’s not all there is to Fall! It’s packed with scary movies, frightful screams and trips bumping along on a haunted hayride. Switch things up with these awesome horror themed eyeshadow palettes!

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Chucky Eyeshadow Palette ($17)

horror themed eyeshadow palette

Chucky is a Halloween classic that everyone still loves, so it only makes sense to include the iconic Halloween movie in an eyeshadow palette. Vibrant colors blend seamlessly together to create one bold look after another to guarantee that you look flawless for the entire spooky season!

Blend shades of green with neutral browns for a classic Fall look. Go bold with the same shade as Chucky’s hair for a eye-catching look. Lighten things up with light blue or yellow pressed pigments. This palette is as flawless as Chucky is evil.

You can check it out here!

Nomad Haunted Europe Palette ($44)

Halloween themed eyeshadow palette

I’ve owned one Nomad palette, and it’s so amazing that I would reccommend them all. The color payoff from their pressed pigments is amazing. The color story for this horror themed palette is as spooky as the haunted places in Europe that it represents.

Another thing I love about this palette is how versatile it is. Shades of green, browns and burnt orange give you the classic colors you want in a Fall eyeshadow palette. Purples, blues and grey can be used in Fall, or next season during winter. Vibrant hues are going to be perfect for next Summer. You can purchase this palette and easily use it all year long.

It’s also vegan and cruelty free!

Check it out here!

Colourpop Witching Hour Eyeshadow Palette ($38)

halloween themed eyeshadow palette

Colourpop products are known for their high color payoff and beautiful pigments. This Halloween inspired eyeshadow palette doesn’t disappoint! It maintains the same high standards that we’ve developed for Colourpop products.

The color story is perfect. Passionate purples play well with witchy greens. Use these mesmerizing pressed pigments for single color eyeshadow looks or blend them together for sexy smokey eyes to turn heads this Halloween.

You can check it out here!

Halloween III Eyeshadow Palette

This spooky palette comes from Wicked Sisters, a witchy website that keeps it spooky all year long. Cool color named like skull and witch capture the very essence of teh season. The color story is flawless, and you’ve got plenty of colors to create spooky looks all season long.

The only downside is that these palettes sell out fast. However, check out the site. You can also find palettes inspired by your favorite spooky movies and events, from vampires and the Salem Witch Trials to movies like The Shining and Scream! If you’re searching for horror themed palettes for the season, this website is for you!

Check it out here!

Fall is always about more than pumpkin spice! Spice up the spooky season with these horror themed eyeshadow palettes! For more Fall eyeshadow inspiration, check out the rest of the blogs!

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