Winter Makeup Colors

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As the beautiful colors of Fall fade into the background, they’re replaced by the contrasting dark and light hues of winter. Silvery blue ice coats the ground while deep berry colors decorate Christmas trees. The color story of Winter remains one of the most beautiful. These makeup colors will guarantee that your look matches the seasonal colors. 

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Black Liners

An excellent black eyeliner never goes out of style, including in winter. Black eyeliner pairs well with the primary colors of winter, too. It doesn’t matter if you are wearing a glam look for New Year’s Eve or a white and blue smokey eye, black eyeliner is always a great idea. It looks great on every skin tone too!

Deep Burgundies

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Some of the colors of Fall transition well into Winter. For example, dark red. This classic color always looks good, but it’s especially popular as a Winter makeup color. Pair it with light-colored eyeshadow to make your makeup look pop!

Pink Lip Color

Pink is known for being a Spring color, but it’s making its way towards being one of the most versatile lip colors, making it one of the best Winter makeup colors. Pair a light pink lip color, like NYX Lip Butter Gloss, with a bold eye makeup look to balance your makeup look this Winter. 

Granite Eyeliner

Black eyeliner is a staple, but it’s not necessarily a Winter makeup color. If you’re searching for Winter makeup colors to add to your makeup collection, pick up a granite eyeliner. Dark grey eyeliner gives your eye makeup a much-needed makeover. It’s unique, one of the hottest colors this season, and the color is versatile enough that it pairs well with everything. 

Snow White Eyeshadow

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Deep hues of reds and greens are a given for Winter, but don’t forget about looks that resemble an icy Wonderland. Snow white eyeshadow with small flecks of glitter is the perfect way to incorporate Winter makeup colors into your daily routine. 

Wear white eyeshadow as a single eyeshadow color look, or do a cut crease look with snow white eyeshadow and shades of grey. 

Baby Blue Eyeshadow

Baby blue is another color that is typically seen in a Spring palette, but it’s huge during the winter months. Icy blue colors are the perfect way to bring in cooler tones of Winter. Pair it with snow white for a gorgeous, glittery look or create unique eyeshadow looks with multiple Winter makeup colors. The limited edition NYX winter eyeshadow palette has the perfect light winter colors for the season!

Plum Lips

Plum lips might make an appearance during the Fall months, but this is truly a winter makeup color. A deep plum pairs well with light, neutral makeup looks to create a balance on your face. Opt for a hydrating lip color to keep your purple lips plump and nourished all season long. 

Rosy Cheeks

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Long gone are the days of bronzed skin. As ice forms on tree branches, pale skin slowly makes its way back into style. Instead of white, ice-queen skin, rosy cheeks are in style this winter. Pick up a beautiful blush or cheek tint in light pink to add a touch of color to your cheeks during Winter this year. 

Metallic Eyeliner

Neon eyeliner isn’t a thing of the past yet, but it’s taking a backstage to metallic colors. Create unique eyeliner art with black and gold combinations. Pick up silver metallic eyeliner to keep your eyes gorgeously glam all season long, or use your gold eyeliner for upcoming holiday parties. Pair metallic eyeliner with matte eyeshadows to create a cool contrasting look. 

Dark Green

Dark green is a holiday color that never goes out of style. As the smell of fresh pine needs wafts throughout the house, it only makes sense to include evergreen in your makeup collection. Pick up dark green eyeliner to create eyeliner art, or opt for smokey eye looks with white and dark green. 

Try to avoid wearing dark green winter colors with dark lip colors. Instead, pair this color with a nude or champagne colored lip. 


Elf lip plumping gloss

Champagne is a glittery golden color that provides a wash of color. It’s not quite a no-makeup look, but it’s not a bold one. This makes it the perfect Winter makeup color for girls that don’t like to look like they are wearing a lot of makeup. 

Champagne lip gloss, eyeshadow, and lipstick are all great ideas. You can also find champagne eyeshadow. For a one color eyeshadow look, pick up a liquid eyeshadow in champagne. 


Cocoa is a dark brown color, and it’s making a comeback. The brown lipsticks of the 90s are being seen on makeup shelves, and you’re missing out if you don’t pick up at least one! You can find brown lip colors in lipsticks, crayons, glosses, and more!

Cocoa isn’t just a lip color that you want to pick up. Dark brown eyeshadow is one of the colors that pair well with both Fall and Winter. Pick a neutral shadow palette to include this color in your Winter makeup haul. 

Mint Green

Mint green makes a comeback in Winter. It’s seen in Spring, disappears in Summer and Fall, and then is seen again in Winter. This is one of the Winter makeup colors that’s not quite as popular as a winter color. Because of that, you want to pair it with other winter colors, such as brown, white, and charcoal. 

Royal Purple

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Royal purple is a color seen a bit in Fall and makes a splash this Winter. The passionate take on purple is one of the season’s hottest colors. Wear it as an eyeshadow for a jaw-dropping look. 

Black Cherry

Black cherry lipstick combines with dark red for a black cherry color that is close to black with red hues. It’s the perfect lip color to bring in the beautiful Wintery season. Pair it with a light-colored eyeshadow to make your lips pop this season. You can wear it during Fall, Winter, to holiday parties, and more. It’s one of the more versatile lip colors! 

Check out the rest of the blogs to learn more about Winter makeup trends, Winter skincare, and more! 

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