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Should You Wear Sunscreen In Winter

We all know that we need sun protection during the hot summer months. UV exposure causes age spots, wrinkles, and premature aging. It makes sense that you need protection from UV light when the sun is shining bright during the hot summer months, but what about during the colder months? Should you wear sunscreen in winter?

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Should You Wear Sunscreen In Winter

It’s a resounding yes. You should always wear sunscreen during the winter months. The sun’s harmful rays can still shine through wintery clouds and cause plenty of damage. You can suffer from irritation and sunburn made worse by dry winter skin. 

Reasons Why You Should Wear Sunscreen In Winter

should you wear sunscreen in winter
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There are quite a few reasons you should still include broad-spectrum sunscreen in your skincare routine during winter. Companies like Wander Beauty have plenty of multi-tasking products, like its primer with an SPF. These are just a few of the reasons you should pick one up. 

UV Rays Make It Through Winter Clouds

The sun doesn’t appear to shine as brightly during the winter, but the sun’s rays still make it through the ozone layer. Check out this study for more in depth info. That means you’ll still need sunscreen to keep your skin healthy. 

You Can Still Get Skin Cancer In Winter

Diseases like skin cancer don’t take a break just because the temperature drops. The development of skin cancers happens year round, so you must protect yourself from sun exposure every month. 

Harsh Weather Conditions Remove Sunscreen Faster

It’s a given that summer conditions will wear away at sunscreen. You sweat, swim, and more. However, most people don’t realize that winter conditions can do the same thing. 

Harsh winds, moisture from snow during snowball fights, and more slowly wear away at sunscreen. That means you’ll need to reapply it throughout the day, just like during summer. 

The Ozone Layer Is Thinner

The ozone layer helps protect us from the rays of the sun. During winter months, the ozone layer is noticeably thinner. That increases your risk of sun damage, including skin cancer and age spots. 

Avoid Sunburns

You can still get sunburn if you’re spending the day in the sun. Snow and ice reflect light, and UV rays, meaning that you’re more likely to get a sunburn than in other months. 

Prevent Premature Aging

The sun’s harsh rays are one of the leading causes of premature aging. Cells break down faster, meaning that they produce less collagen. This results in wrinkles and fine lines appearing sooner. You’ll also notice other signs of aging, like age spots and sagging skin, sooner than you usually would. A little sunscreen can help stage off the signs of aging for years. 

UV rays also break down collagen and elastin in the skin. That means you could produce plenty of collagen but still get wrinkles from sun exposure. 

Help Prevent Or Reduce Dry Winter Skin

Sunscreen does more than just protect you from harmful rays. It creates a protective barrier on the skin, helping to prevent dry, chapped skin from the dry winter air. Most sunscreen is moisturizing, too. 

Use Makeup With An SPF

If you wear makeup, you can’t precisely slather your skin with sunscreen lotion every few hours. However, you can give yourself additional protection by picking up makeup products that have an SPF, like foundation and concealer. Wander Beauty has an award winning primer with SPF in it too!

Skincare With SPF

Skincare products with SPF as an active ingredient are another great idea. Moisturizers like Murad C-Day Moisturizer have plenty of good-for-your-skin ingredients and SPF. The more products you use with an SPF, the more your skin will be protected. Remember, you can’t wear too much SPF! 

In Conclusion

Certain types of UV rays can also reach your skin through glass, so you’re not exactly protected by sitting inside. Make sure to pick up some sunscreen this winter to keep your skin protected and help prevent skin cancer, age spots, and more. 

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