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e.l.f. is known for being one of the most affordable drugstore brands on the market. This company claims to offer outstanding, high-quality makeup products and unbelievable prices. There aren’t a lot of other brands that can beat their price point, but is the quality as good as they claim? Find out in this elf eyeshadow review! 

For this review, I picked up two of the bite-sized e.l.f. shadow palettes. These mini eyeshadow palettes offer four gorgeous shades that pair perfectly with one another. They’re even highly affordable! 

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ELF Bite Size Eyeshadow Swatches

elf eyeshadow swatches are deeply pigmented

e.l.f. Eyeshadow Pros Vs. Cons


Decent Packaging

For a few dollars, I wasn’t expecting much. This was my first time buying any of these, and I was surprised by the packaging. It’s your basic plastic palette, but it’s not flimsy. These don’t break easily if you throw them into your purse or suitcase. You can also check out the sticker on the back of the palette for a complete ingredient list. 

Wonderful Application

These pressed pigments are easy to work with. The pans are large enough to fit a brush on the pigment to get color, even though the eyeshadow quads are tiny. They are blendable and buildable, making them great if you want to let your inner artist out. 

The matte shades weren’t dry or chalky. Shimmer shades didn’t have a ton of fallout. The pigments slide smoothly over your lid. e.l.f. nailed it with this formula! 

Awesome Wear Time

Wearing these for an entire day is easily possible. I wore mine for around ten hours with zero products used to set it and had just started noticing a little creasing. However, remember that I used an eyeshadow primer underneath them. 

Nice Color Payoff

You’ll love how pigmented these shades are for a few dollars. All of the shades that I tried had a serious color payoff. This seems to be a theme with every bite-size eyeshadow from e.l.f.

Crazy Affordable

Okay, all ELF cosmetics products are affordable, but these palettes are super affordable. You can pick them up for just a few dollars. 

Tons Of Colors Available

It doesn’t matter what your skin tone is or whether you love neutral shades, you can find something in one of these mini palettes. These have quickly become a staple for everyone!

Beautiful Color Stories

Every eyeshadow quad has different shades and finishes, from satin shades to metallic ones. The colors play well with each other, providing one look after another from the same eyeshadow palette. You can also make a great four color look out of these palettes. Every mini palette includes an awesome crease shade! 

e.l.f. Always Has Great Deals

Even though e.l.f. is already affordable, you can’t help but enjoy their awesome deals. They are always offering specials on the website. Customers that sign up for the beauty squad can earn rewards like $10 off a purchase and more! It’s just one more thing to love about this brand.

Products Available Are Consistent

I originally picked up two of these to see if I liked them instead of buying all of them. However, if I want to go back and pick up Hot Jalapeno or Berry Bad, I can probably do that. The same mini-quads that have become viral staples have been around for some time and probably aren’t leaving soon. 

However, they typically include a mini-palette for various collections too!


I usually really try to scrutinize a product to see if there’s someone it’s not going to work for. For example, would a product not be a good idea for beginners? However, I couldn’t find anything really bad about these bite-size eyeshadow products. There’s a reason they’ve gone viral and are now adorning vanities everywhere!

The only thing I didn’t care for was that there isn’t a purple available yet! (Purple is my favorite color.) 

In Conclusion 

e.l.f. bite size eyeshadow palettes deserve a place on every vanity. Check them out here and pick up your favorite colors! 

After that, swing by the rest of the blogs for more product reviews, makeup tips, and more! 

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