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Eyebrow gel has a few huge benefits, but what should you do when the tube is empty? I always have a jar of Vaseline. Vaseline has several uses, from helping dry skin to nourishing chapped lips. You can also use Vaseline as a brow gel.

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Why Are People Using Vaseline As Brow Gel

People are ditching cult favorites in favor of Vaseline as a brow gel for quite a few reasons. 

First, it’s affordable. A bit of Vaseline goes a long way when you only put a dot on your brows. This is an excellent idea if you’re searching for beauty hacks on a budget! You can also use it to make your tinted brow gel by mixing a bit of matte eyeshadow with your Vaseline. 

This is an incredible hack if you love natural brows but must keep them in place. The petroleum jelly doesn’t make your brows look unnatural. Instead, they’ll look well-maintained. 

Some people use Vaseline as brow gel because they swear it makes your brows grow fuller. This is not entirely true, but it’s not entirely false, either. Vaseline and other brands of petroleum jelly do not have anything in them to make your brows grow thicker. However, it moisturizes the brow hair and prevents dry hair and skin. This can help you have healthier eyebrows that will grow thicker. 

I wound up with the outsides of my brows being sparse due to a bad waxing job years ago. They never grew back quite right. After I saw what Babe Essential Lash Serum did for my lashes, I tried it on my brows, and that’s helping them grow back. I use it once in the morning and once at night, and I am not plucking or waxing until they’re grown back in. You can check it out here!

How To Use Vaseline As Brow Gel

To use Vaseline as brow gel, you use it the same way that you would brow gel. There are different application methods that you can use.

Some people use their fingers. I don’t like this method, especially if you have thinner eyebrows. It can be difficult to ensure you only put Vaseline on your eyebrows.

If you have a spare spoolie, you can use your fingers to coat the spoolie in Vaseline gently. Then, comb the spoolie over your brow hairs to evenly distribute the Vaseline.

A cotton swab works well if you don’t have a spare spoolie but don’t want to use your fingers. Grab a Q tip out of the bathroom and gently slide it along the edges of the inside of the Vaseline container. You don’t want to dip the cotton swab in Vaseline. If you do, you’ll wind up with too much Vaseline. Then, slowly apply the Vaseline to your brows.

After that, grab a tissue or a piece of toilet paper. Blotting papers will also work well. Use this to gently wipe away any excess Vaseline on your brows to ensure they don’t look greasy throughout the day. 

Will Any Brand Of Petroleum Jelly Work?

Yes, any brand of petroleum jelly will work fine. You do not have to use the Vaseline brand. Instead, you can pick up any off-brand at a local store to use it. 

Benefits Of Using Vaseline Instead Of Brow Gel

A Little Goes A Long Way

When using Vaseline as brow gel, it’s important to remember that a little bit goes a long you. You need a tiny swipe of Vaseline. You don’t need to use a pea-sized amount for both brows.

Vaseline Can Make Your Brows Look Fuller

Most people claim that Vaseline can make your brows grow. After years of thin eyebrows being a trend, many people seek hacks to make their brows thicker. However, there are currently no studies to back up using Vaseline for thicker eyebrows.

On the other hand, using Vaseline can make your eyebrows appear thicker. The thin coat makes your brows appear darker. This gives the illusion that they are thicker and fuller. You can pick up a jar on Amazon for under $5 here!

Multi-Purpose Product

When it comes to beauty products, we all love a multi-purpose product. You save both time and money with them. Having a jar of Vaseline handy can help you do one thing after another. It works well to remove waterproof eyeliner, can help chapped lips heal, and it will soften those hard calluses on the bottom of your feet. You can use it for one thing after another!

Downsides To Using Vaseline As Brow Gel

It Doesn’t Hold Up Well In Hot Weather

Regarding humidity, this beauty hack doesn’t stand a chance. This will not work for you if you live in a hot, humid climate. You’ll find that the Vaseline tends to be non-existent or slide off your face within a few hours. This is one of the considerable downsides to using it as a brow gel, especially if you want to use it as a tinted brow gel. 

Doesn’t Keep Long Brow Hair In Place All Day

This beauty hack didn’t hold up well in cold weather either. Perhaps that’s because I tend to have longer, thicker brows than most people. If yours are more on the sparse side, it’ll work fine. However, if you have at least a few long hairs that stick up quickly, this isn’t going to last all day as other brow gels do. Instead, check out other cheap brow gels that will do the job. 

Cheap Brow Gels To Consider

Vaseline as brow gel is a great beauty hack, and it’s an affordable way to create your own tinted brow gel. Unfortunately, it doesn’t hold up well in every climate. If you want something that will last all day, check out these affordable brow gels!

Sokgo Brow Styling Soap ($5)

If you want to style your brows and forget about them, this brow styling soap is the way to do it! A conveniently angled brush makes application easy while the long-lasting formula keeps unruly hair in place. 

Check it out here!

Clear Brow And Lash Mascara by e.l.f. Cosmetics ($3)

Clear Eyebrow Gel and Lash Gel

Want a more natural look? This clear brow gel will be your new bestie. You get plenty of product thanks to it being double-sided, and it has the power to give your brows the well-groomed look you want. Wear it by itself on those “no makeup” makeup days, or use it as a base for your brow and lash products. It’s also cruelty-free!

Check it out here!

Thick It! Stick It! Brow Gel By NYX Cosmetics ($11)


Want to make your brows look thicker? NYX Cosmetics has got your back! Thick it! Stick it! Brow gel is available in multiple shades to ensure you find one that looks natural. Plant-origin fibers cling fiercely to every brow hair, instantly making it look thicker. Then, the vegan formula lasts for up to 16 hours. 

Check it out here!

Final Thoughts

Using Vaseline or petroleum jelly as brow gel can work out wonderfully for some people, and it’s worth a shot. However, if it doesn’t work for you, check out some other cheap brow gel options to get the look you want at a price that won’t hurt your bank account. 

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