How To Stop Lipstick From Bleeding

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There’s nothing quite like perfecting your red lips to realize your lipstick is in the middle of yoru face by lunchtime. Lipstick bleeding, which is when your lipstick slowly bleeds outside of your lips, is common. That doesn’t mean you’re stuck with it, though. These easy tips and tricks can help your lipstick look fabulous for hours.

Pick Up Lip Primer

Lip primer is a great way to prevent feathering. Primer creates the perfect barrier between your lips and your lipstick. It also gives you a smooth canvas for lipstick application. When you don’t have primer, try using a small dab of concealer in its place for excellent results.

Use Setting Powder

Setting powder is another excellent way to make your lipstick transfer-proof and helps prevent lipstick bleeding. Apply a thin coat of setting powder with a fluffy brush. This should be the final step in your lipstick routine. However, make sure you only use a tiny amount. If you use too much, it can make your lipstick appear less vibrant.

Line Your Lips First

A lip liner is a great way to prevent lipstick bleeding. Line your entire lip with a liner before applying lipstick. Don’t forget the corners. Lip liners can help your lipstick last longer, too. Put lip liner over your entire lip before applying lipstick for a gorgeous color that lasts all day.

Long-Wear Lipstick

Formulas specially designed to be long-lasting and long-wear formulas are a great idea. Most of this lipstick is also transfer-proof. These formulas tend to last longer than glossy or satin ones. Use primer and lip liner under your lipstick to make it last even longer than advertised.

Blot Your Lips

Consider blotting your lips if lipstick bleeding is a constant problem. When you have too much product on your lips, it will slowly slide to a new location. After applying your lipstick, blot your lips with blotting paper, tissue, or toilet paper to remove the additional lipstick.

Try Lip Sealers

Lip sealers are specially designed products to seal your lipstick in place instantly. They make your lipstick transfer-proof kiss-proof, and prevent lipstick feathering. Ensure you read reviews before buying a lipstick sealer to ensure you’re purchasing an effective one.

Lipstick bleeding is unbelievably common and a nightmare. Use these fantastic ideas to lock your look in place all day long. Check out the rest of the site for more amazing beauty tips.

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