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As you dive into the skincare world, you’ll come across multiple terms and ingredients. One common thing you’ll see is silica in skincare. In this article, we’ll dive deep into silica and why they use it in skincare.

What Is Silica?

Silica is also known as silicon dioxide. This ingredient naturally occurs in the Earth’s crust. It’s found in rocks, sand, and even dirt. Silica is essential for forming some stones, like specific crystals.

Is Silica Safe?

Silica is considered safe for skincare and makeup products. It’s used in various applications, including medicine. This material can be found in asthma inhalers, for example. However, you should only use products containing silica as directed. Too much can dry your skin or interrupt the natural pH balance.

Boosts Collagen

One of the most popular reasons we find silica in skincare products is its unique ability to boost collagen production. According to this study, it can help enhance your body’s ability to synthesize collagen, resulting in a smooth, more youthful appearance. Collagen helps plump out wrinkles and gives you kissably smooth, baby-soft skin.

Absorbing Oil

Silica is also well-known for its fantastic ability to absorb oil, making it an excellent choice for people with oily or combination skin. Products with this ingredient can help control shine. They can absorb excess sebum to help prevent breakouts. Most people usually tolerate it well, so you won’t have to worry about it irritating your skin.

It’s Mattifying

Silicon dioxide is usually used in products with a mattifying effect. You’ll find it in setting powders and other products to help give you a shine-free face. You’ll quickly discover that most products specially formulated for people with oily skin have silica on the ingredient list. Mattifying products are also great for hot weather when you don’t want your make to slide off because of the extra sweat.

Awesome Primer

Silica is commonly used in primers to help your makeup last longer. This ingredient has a blurring effect that helps minimize the appearance of pores and imperfections, making it great if you want to wear a primer on those “no makeup” makeup days. It also helps create a smooth canvas for makeup application.

Silica in skincare can help give you youthful, clear skin you love. It provides a mattifying effect that’s great for oily skin. You’ll discover it in skincare and makeup products. Check out the rest of the site for more need-to-know information today!

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