Eyeliner Tips For Big Eyes

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One of the best things about eyeliner is that it can manipulate your eye shape. If you have big eyes, these eyeliner tips for big eyes will help you make your eyes appear smaller instead of more extensive and give you that model eyeliner look. Eyeliner tips for big eyes can also make your eyes pop and enhance your eyes, or you can enjoy trying perfect new eyeliner looks that complement your big eyes. 

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Know Your Eye Shape

If you have big eyes, you more than likely have round eyes. It won’t be flattering if you try to wear makeup that suits people with small or almond-shaped eyes. Instead, take the time to learn your eye shape to make sure that your eyeliner looks well with your eye shape. This YouTube video does a beautiful job explaining the various eye shapes and the differences between them all. 

Skip The Winged Eyeliner

When applying eyeliner to big eyes, try skipping the wing. A wing can make your eyes look bigger. The bigger the wing, the bigger your eyes will look. A large, elongated cat eye wing can make your eyes look too big for your face or out of proportion with the rest of your face. 

Use The Same Thickness To Intensify Your Eye

We all love the eyeliner look of a thinner line on the inner and outer corners of the eyes, but this is far from the only eyeliner look you can pull off. Try using the same thickness along the eyelid to make your eyes more intense without making them look larger. 

Don’t Line Your Entire Eye With Black Eyeliner

A dark liquid liner can make your eyes look smaller, and you don’t want to line your entire eye. That can be a bit too much eyeliner, and it makes you look inexperienced. You don’t want it to look like you have raccoon eyes.

Instead, place eyeliner on the outer half of your eye or a third of your eyelid along your upper lash line. Avoid the inner corners for a gorgeous look that isn’t unflattering.

Make Big Eyes Pop With Shimmer Shades

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Use A Neutral Shade

Neutral shades like brown allow you to line more of your eyelid without being too bold. Placing liners on the top and bottom lid will help close your eye more so they do not appear as big. You can also use them on the inner corner while using darker eye makeup along the outer corners of your eyes. Nude eyeliner is a neutral shade that never goes out of style. Using lighter colors on the inner corners is a makeup tip that makeup artists frequently use for people with close-set eyes. 

Consider Tightlining

Tightlining is when you put eyeliner on your waterline. This will make your eyes appear more closed than simply putting liner on your bottom lash line. However, if you use liquid eyeliner, you may want to avoid tightlining. It can lead to infections, and those with sensitive eyes are more likely to experience irritation. 

Avoid Light Colors On Your Bottom Lid

This is a great makeup tip, but it only works for people with small or medium eyes. It’s designed to help the eyes appear more open. If you have big eyes, it can make them look too big. Instead, only use white eyeliner on the inner corner. You don’t want your eyes to look so big that they are out of proportion with the rest of your facial features. 

Use A Medium Or Thick Line On The Top Lid

Using a pencil thin line can help open your eyes more. Instead, you want to close them slightly with a slightly bigger line. However, make the eyeliner the same size across the top lid. To make your eyes look smaller without overdoing it, use a black liner on your upper eyelids above your false lashes. The dark shades and dark colors make your eyes appear smaller, hence why so many people use false lashes. 

Stick With A Small Outer Wing

Pulling off an elongated wing can be hard when you have big or round eyes. If you do pull it off, it can make your eyes look larger. Instead, stick with eyeliner styles for big eyes. Use a small outer wing, or ditch the wing altogether. 

Colored Eyeliners Are Gorgeous

The shape and thickness of your eyeliner are not the only way to intensify your eyes! It’s time for black eyeliner to move over and make room for beautiful colored eyeliners. Use colored eyeliners to create graphic art that makes the most of your lid space. One of the best things about having big eyes is that you have so much more space for dramatic eye makeup.

For something more neutral, consider beige eyeliner on the bottom lid and shimmery eyeliner on the top lid. 

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Add A Small Flick To Give The Illusion Of Almond Eyes

While an oversized cat eye might make your eye shape appear too large, a slight flick can make your round eyes appear more almond-shaped. Take your liner, and use it for a tiny upwards flick on the outer corner of your eyes to create the illusion of narrower eyes. 

Final Thoughts

Big eyes are beautiful, but it’s essential to know how to apply eyeliner to big eyes to ensure you always look your best. Use these eyeliner tips for big eyes for gorgeous eyes that are guaranteed to turn heads. 

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