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How To Brighten Dull Skin

Gorgeous, glowing skin is always in style. Radiance is not a trend that is going to go away soon. However, there are bound to be times that you look in the mirror and realize that your skin is anything but radiant. In fact, it looks rather bland. That means that you have a case of dull skin. Learn everything that you need to know about dull skin, and how to brighten dull skin.

What Is Dull Skin

Dull-looking skin is when your skin no longer reflects light. It means that your skin does not have a radiant shine. It is lackluster. Dull skin can also have an uneven skin texture or be dry. If you have dull-looking skin, you more than likely have at least one other skincare concern. Learning about the causes of dull skin can help you discover how to restore your natural glow.

Dull Skin Causes

There are several things that can cause dull skin, from stress to slacking on your skincare routine. Learning about what is causing your lackluster skin can help you discover how to get your natural radiance back. These are some of the most common causes of dull skin.


When you have dehydrated skin, it tends to lose its natural glow. If you’ve been sick recently or are dehydrated for other reasons, your skin is more than likely dehydrated as well. Learn how to combat dry skin to appear radiant once again. Keep reading to learn more about how to brighten dull skin!

Environmental Factors

Harsh winter winds can wreak havoc on your skin. So can things like being exposed to the sun and air pollution. Free radical damage and UV damage can make your skin look like lifeless skin. If you’re not taking the steps that you need to in order to protect your skin, that could be the culprit behind your dull skin.

Not Using Moisturizer

When you don’t use moisturizer, it means that your skin can be lacking some serious hydration and nutrients. Moisturizers are designed to keep your skin in tip top condition, and, if you’re not using it, it means that your skin could be suffering.

Not Exfoliating

Exfoliating your face once per week is essential to maintaining a radiant complexion. Proper exfoliation is key to removing dead skin cells on your face. When you don’t remove them, they tend to pile up and kill your natural shine.


I get it. It’s hard not to stress when you have a deadline, a few kids, housework and the rest of life constantly piling up on your to-do list. However, all of that stress is going to make your body produce more cortisol, which means your skin will have decreased circulation and not be able to repair itself as quickly. It can easily lead to a case of dull skin.

Not Enough Sleep

Our bodies repair themselves at night while we sleep, and that includes our skin. If you’re not getting adequate sleep, it means that your tired skin can’t repair itself like it needs to. The end result is that your skin will appear dull and lifeless.

How To Brighten Dull Skin

If you’ve looked into the mirror and noticed that you have dull skin, there are some great tips to help you learn how to brighten dull skin. First, identify the cause. Then, read these tips to learn how to get your radiant skin back.

Stay Hydrated To Encourage Skin Brightening

If you haven’t been staying hydrated lately, that could be the reason behind your dull skin. Make sure that you’re drinking plenty of water. If you’re not a fan of flavored water, increase hydration levels fruit-infused water or flavored water.

Eat plenty of fruits that have a high water content, like watermelon. Fresh fruits are another great idea! When you’re properly hydrated, you’ll notice an increase in collagen production. It’s time to trade out your poor diet for a healthy diet and focus on skin hydration!

Follow A Skin Care Routine

A skin care routine is essential to brighten dull skin. Cleanse your face regularly and keep your skin clean. Regular exfoliation needs to be part of your routine. Make sure that you exfoliate your face 1-2 times per week to remove dead cells. Remove your makeup every night.

In addition to that, you need a regular skin routine that involves the products that use. Make sure that you’re applying at least moisturizer and sunscreen daily. There are a lot of moisturizers that also have sunscreen in them to help you minimize the number of products that you have to use every day, like this one from Murad!

Make sure that you have both a morning and nighttime skincare routine. it’s important to keep skin types in mind when designing your skincare routine.

Use Gentle Products

Harsh soaps and skincare products can strip your skin of its natural oils. These products can cause a significant amount of damage to the outer layer of skin that protects your skin. Stick to gentle products to keep your skin healthy. This can drastically improve the appearance of skin, particularly if you have fair skin.

Protect Your Skin

Protecting your skin is important. Applying sunscreen can help protect your skin from the sun. Using a scarf during harsh winter months will help protect your skin from cold winds. Keep your skin hydrated to guarantee that your skin barrier can do its part to help protect your skin. Making sure that you protect your skin can help prevent skin issues before they start. This is especially important if you have sensitive skin.


To help your skin stay healthy, it’s important to de-stress yourself. Use a daily planner to keep track of when deadlines are. Use relaxation methods to help your body and brain beat stress as it happens. Some great ways to practice relaxation include:

  • Deep breathing
  • Meditation
  • Soaking in hot bath
  • Taking ten minutes to decompress
  • Minimize your screen time

Making sure that you de-stress can work wonders for your skin! Enjoying a few minutes to yourself can help you re-discover your radiance. When you have wonderful mental health, you’ll notice that you also have wonderful skin health.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is included in quite a few skincare products, from moisturizers and sunscreens to Vitamin C serum. It can help instantly give your skin a natural glow while giving you the vital vitamins and nutrients that you need to keep your skin healthy. If you’re looking at skin care products for skin brightening, make sure that you double check for this ingredient.

In Conclusion

No one wants to have a dull complexion, but it’s bound to happen at times. Increase moisture levels with water and fresh foods. Switch out your unhealthy diet for fruits and vegetables. Encourage collagen growth with proper skin care. Develop a skin care routine to have healthy skin again. Always remember that when you have healthy skin, you have a healthy glow! Check out the rest of the blogs for more tips, the best products to use, info on illuminators and more!

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