Are Makeup Remover Wipes Bad For Your Skin

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Makeup remover wipes are convenient. It’s a great way to avoid sleeping in your makeup when you’ve had a long day and do not have a double cleanse in you. What are they really doing to your skin, though? Are makeup wipes hurting more than they are helping? Read on and learn whether makeup remover wipes are bad for your skin.

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Are Makeup Remover Wipes Bad For Your Skin

In most cases, just using makeup remover wipes daily can be horrible for your skin. However, it also depends on the makeup remover wipes. Some are packed with nourishing ingredients that are great for your skin, while others are jammed full of harsh chemicals you should not use daily. 

Using a makeup remover wipe every once in a while instead of double cleansing will not instantly make your skin irreparable. It’s not that serious. You don’t want to use them every day, though. You need to know several things about makeup remover wipes before picking up a pack. 

Harsh Chemicals

Most makeup remover wipes are full of harsh chemicals. These chemicals are meant to replace a cleanser, but they are typically harsher on the skin than your cleanser is. That can hurt the acid mantle of your skin, which is essential to keeping your skin hydrated and healthy.

These can also upset the pH balance of your skin, leading to more skin problems.

Rough Makeup Removal

When we use face wipes, or baby wipes, to remove makeup, we’re rarely gentle with our skin. Instead, you must apply brute force to get some eyeliners off. That can also damage both your skin and your acid mantle. Instead, you need to be gentle with your skin.

The Rough Rubbing Can Make Your Skin Angry

When you use makeup remover wipes, you rub hard at your skin. Not only is this horrible for the thin skin around your eyes, but it can be harmful to all of your skin. It can make it more prone to redness and irritation.

You’re Not Actually Cleansing Your Skin

The makeup remover wipes break down your makeup so that it is wiped away, at least for the most part. However, you’re also wiping makeup across your skin. Then, the wipes are not cleaning that makeup and dirt out of your pores. Instead, it’s left sitting there. Your skin must be correctly cleaned to eliminate makeup, dirt, and residue built up during the day.

However, that doesn’t mean that all makeup remover wipes are horrible. There’s nothing wrong with using them to get the layers of makeup off your face before washing it!

Makeup Remover Wipes Are Better Than Nothing

While makeup remover wipes aren’t necessarily good for you, they are better than sleeping in your makeup. Some prefer its better-than-nothing approach and keep an emergency stash of wipes handy. Others insist you should wash your face twice a night.

Pay Attention To Ingredients

If you insist on buying a pack of makeup remover wipes for days that your cleansing balm isn’t cutting it, there’s no judgment. However, you need to pay special attention to their ingredients. This is especially true if you have sensitive skin. Look for nourishing and hydrating ingredients that will promote healthy skin. 

What You Should Use Instead

the original makeup eraser in black

I don’t judge you because I was the girl who knew you were supposed to double cleanse or have a healthy makeup remover to eliminate waterproof eyeliner. However, there were plenty of days when I had no energy for those tiny extra steps. Insert a pack of bad-for-your-skin makeup remover wipes to save the day. 

However, that was before I picked up a Makeup Eraser. Makeup Erasers are makeup remover cloths that take away every trace of makeup. One side can remove makeup, and the other can exfoliate your face. You don’t need to use makeup remover, etc. Instead, wet them with water and rub them in small circles over your face to remove all your makeup. 

How Do Makeup Remover Cloths Work?

To use a Makeup Eraser, wet it with warm water. You don’t want to use hot water, but the warmer it is, the easier it will take off your makeup. Then, rub it in small circles on your face or wherever you have applied makeup, and watch it come off. It works on every type of makeup, including waterproof makeup like your waterproof mascara. It even works on layers and layers of makeup. Then, you can wash and reuse them, making them a fantastic option if you want something more sustainable than makeup remover wipes! 

These are suitable for every skin type, including dry and sensitive skin, much like makeup wipes. You can use them with your makeup remover or facial cleanser, including an oil cleanser. They cleanse your face and help remove dead skin for softer skin that feels like silk. 

Are Makeup Remover Cloths Effective?

Yes, they are amazingly effective. Getting something like a washcloth wet and watching it remove waterproof makeup sounds too good to be accurate, but it’s not. I tried it myself. You can scroll to the bottom and check out an honest review of Makeup Eraser to see for yourself!

Not only are makeup remover cloths great at removing stubborn makeup, including eye makeup, but they are also sustainable. When you use a cotton pad or baby wipes, you must throw them away after every use. This isn’t good for your wallet or the planet. Makeup remover cloths are more sustainable than your other options. 

You’re also less likely to have an allergic reaction. The soft fibers are made of fabric, just like your clothing. 

Final Thoughts

Makeup remover wipes are better than sleeping in your makeup, but they aren’t your best option. However, if you use them every once in a while or while you’re traveling, there’s nothing wrong with doing what you have to. For home, pick up a Makeup Eraser.

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